Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Recommended for Recreational and Transport Vehicle Owners

Leading Preparedness and Survival Company Newest First Aid Kit Perfect for RV Owners

Camping and RV excursions are enjoyable experiences for both kids and kids-at-heart. However, as the adage says “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” there are unavoidable accidents that may happen during such trips. May it be due to negligence, clumsiness, or inattentiveness, any cuts, bruises, or scrapes should be treated immediately to prevent infection and minimize the risk of complications.

Apart from having basic first aid skills, it is important to have a handy first aid kit in one’s RV. The kit should be well-equipped with life-saving supplies needed when a hospital is hours away from.

Knowing that accidents can occur even while one is on vacation, Surviveware, maker of high-quality hiking and survival gear, announces the release of Large First Aid Kit. This newest innovation in its survival product line has shed light on the growing demand for an expanded and versatile first aid kit.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is an ideal addition to any recreational or transport vehicle. The kit is packed with 200 medical supplies that can be used to treat injuries. Scrapes and cuts can be taken cared of through the use of non-adhesive dressings, bandages, gauze swabs, skin-cleaning wipes, and wound closure strips. Additional supplies such as hydrogels, splinter probes, cold packs, safety pins, tweezers, emergency blankets, and fever strips are also included in this kit.

A CPR Kit and an advanced first aid handbook were also included in this expanded first aid kit. A separate mini kit is also included in this pack. Surviveware has also taken into consideration the needs and requirements of each family and driver. The company allotted enough space for prescriptions and other personal medical items that family members might need to add. Moreover, first aid kit owners can also include survival tools such as fire starters, Israeli bandages, and multipurpose knives into this first aid pack. These items are great for long travels or when one’s truck gets stranded due to inclement weather conditions.

A featured review about this large first aid kit highlights the reviewer’s experience in buying this first aid kit. David, an Amazon customer, said that this first aid kit’s “organized pockets are easy to access and re-stock as needed. Case is also durable and looks like it will last inside my tool trailers for my crews. I bought two, one for each crew. Additionally, they offer a free tourniquet with the large kit. As promised they delivered on the tourniquet immediately and followed up on the purchase. I wish every vendor were this responsive! Great product, great service, extremely satisfied customer.”

Don’t compromise your family’s safety when you have the power to protect them. Secure your family today and purchase this Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. Surviveware is giving away 20% discount coupons for every purchase of this expanded first aid kit. Get your kit now and enjoy a worry-free RV excursion.

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