Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Reaches 2,000 Reviews with 4.9 Stars

Outdoor-Ready Large MOLLE First Aid Kit Perfect for Preppers and Survivalists

Surviveware, a prominent outdoor and preparedness company, continues to impress its backpacking and adventure family. The company’s line of safety and preparedness gear has become a staple on many camping, hunting, and hiking trips. The organized functionality of their Large First Aid Kit justifies the 2,000 reviews on Amazon.

Their expanded home emergency kit offers a structured and organized system that aspiring outdoor enthusiasts can easily follow. Each pack comes with labeled compartments that facilitate effortless restocking of supplies and easy navigation to find the supplies you need at a glance. This sleek and straightforward system ensures that there is enough room for provisions such as medicines, Epi-pens, inhalers, and other individual emergency tools.

Unlike bulky EMT bags, Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is packed with valuable premium-grade quality medical supplies that backpackers can use while waiting for help. Composed of high-quality adhesive bandages, cleansing wipes, steri-strips, gauze, conforming bandages, and sting relief wipes. This MOLLE first aid kit is also equipped with tools such as splinter probes, trauma shears, nitrile gloves, safety pins, and hydrogel. To level-up the kits’ functionality, a CPR kit, mini first aid kit, and an advanced first aid handbook are included.

These provisions are stored inside a 10”x7.25”x5” softshell case manufactured using 600D polyester fabric. This material is water-resistant making it ideal gear for the ever-changing backcountry weather. The light and durable cloth fabric adds no unnecessary weight to the overall gear. It also comes with MOLLE-straps, Velcro panel, and a durable handle recommended for those who want versatility and convenience in a first aid travel kit.

A Surviveware Amazon customer, shared in the following review, how this home emergency kit fits into his preparedness lifestyle.

“I bought this because it has a lot of different stuff in it and it seemed like one step down from a full-on EMT bag, which I didn’t need because I’m not an EMT and don’t know how to use half of that stuff. This bag is very thorough in its contents and descriptions. It comes with a booklet that describes how to use everything and what to use in a variety of situations. You cannot add a whole lot to this but can throw in a few pills in the small baggies they provide.

The company is very good and interactive. They offered me add-ons for free and get you entered into a drawing to win another first aid kit. As a company, they stand out. I’ve gotten to know their company and have found that I really enjoy the small business feel they have. My add-on was a tourniquet, which was based on the kit I purchased, and appeared to be personally mailed by the owner, Amanda, who lives in the states. I appreciate that and will buy first aid kits exclusively from this company from now on.”

Invest in your safety and adventure preparedness knowing that you have a MOLLE first aid kit that’s taking care of everything. Take part in the backcountry preparedness revolution by ordering your Surviveware Large First Aid Kit today. Click here to start your preparedness journey.

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