Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Ideal for Car and Vehicle Use

Leading survival gear brand, Surviveware, launches a First Aid Kit for Car Use.

If you think you only need a first aid kit for your home; think again. Accidents happen on the road, leading to drivers and their passengers sustaining injuries, from minor ones such as cuts and bruises to life-threatening injuries.

Aside from car accidents, a wide variety of incidents can occur when out traveling. For instance, a severe blizzard or thunderstorm may happen with little to no warning. Perhaps a child falls at the local park and scrapes their knees. It is also possible d to pass by a car crash, in which acting as a first responder is required. Having a car first aid kit is a lifesaver in many situations.

Knowing how such accidents can be life-changing and threatening at the same time, Surviveware, maker of high-quality camping and survival gears, developed its brand new Large First Aid Kit. Unlike other pre-packed first aid kits for car use, Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit has the favorite features of its predecessor.

A standout feature of the Surviveware car first aid kit is its labeled compartments and sections. It is advisable that first aid kit owners know their packs like the back of their hands, in order to easily and quickly access required supplies in critical situations. This feature allows users to quickly react and respond to emergencies where immediate patient care is a must. Further, the labels also help identify the items that need to be replenished after the onset of a crisis.

While other first aid kits are contained in bulky plastic containers, this first aid kit is made of 600D Polyester. This material helps secure it from moisture and prevents it from getting ruined while allowing for some flexibility. Aside from that, Surviveware has included a MOLLE friendly system on this 3.4-pound car first aid kit. This feature allows the kit to be placed on the back of a car or behind a headrest which provides easy access to it for its users.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is packed with 200 life-saving supplies. It also contains a mini first aid pack that can be attached to any bag or belt, ideal for quickly bringing to a sports game, playground, or on a short hike. The mini first aid kit allows the user to travel with the same level of security as a regular first aid kit. Moreover, it has a separate set of first aid items, so the owner of this kit doesn’t have to pull-out medical supplies from their car first aid kit to supply the mini one.

The Surviveware large first aid kit also has ample space for adding personalized items such as prescriptions, ointments, and other specialized survival items specific to one’s needs. It can be customized to include child-friendly items and medical supplies, such as child and infant pain relievers, baby wipes, or medicine cups.

This car first aid kit is an ideal must-have for any car, truck, van, or commercial vehicle. With its versatile features and vast medical supplies, users are assured that their families are cared for should they encounter an accident while on the road.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is now available on In celebration of their product’s debut, the company is giving away a 20% discount coupon. Get your discount coupon here and provide the utmost protection to your family.

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