Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit #1 for Former US Army Combat Medic

Expanded Outdoor Pack Gains Recommendation from Retired US Army Medic

The present-day effects of the pandemic have made people want to ensure they’re getting the most out of their money without sacrificing quality and functionality. People are more conscious and aware of their purchases and look for referrals and recommendations made by experts.

Surviveware, a prominent game-changer in the outdoors and survival community, offers a first aid kit that’s widely recommended by survival experts and outdoorsmen - the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. This revolutionary emergency pack contains an extensive supply of first aid provisions that target minor to severe wounds and injuries.

This 12”x8”x6” tactical medical kit weighs only 3.5-pounds and its soft shell case is made from 600D polyester fabric. The top and side handles, durable snaps, MOLLE-friendly straps, and a Velcro side panel make this a highly portable and easily retrievable life-saving pack.

This kit contains 200 pieces of first aid supplies for treating minor to moderate injuries. Much more than the usual wad of bandages, this camping first aid kit comes with non-adhesive dressings, skin cleaning and alcohol wipes, hypoallergenic tape, wound closure strips, eye pads, gauze, splinter probes, hydrogel, sting relief wipes, and fever strips. Surviveware also added tools such as shears, safety pins, and a CPR kit. A mini first aid kit rounds off this heavy-duty pack giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Surviveware made this expanded outdoor pack easily accessible to the outdoorsy community by placing it on Amazon Prime. The kit is also FSA/HSA eligible so that individuals enrolled in the program can purchase it using their FSA cards.

Referrals from those who have been in the field help when purchasing emergency supplies, as quality products are often hard to find. This review from a former US Army combat medic is helpful for Amazon customers who want to order this tactical medical kit.

“This is a great bag and a great value. There is a lot of good first aid supplies in this kit (a great value). I especially love how there are compartments that are clearly labeled in this kit. This will help in an emergency to find things when you are under stress.

There is not another kit on the market that offers so much value for such a reasonable price. Oh yeah, if you have an FSA or health savings account, this is an eligible item. And if you do have an FSA account, look at what they charge for their first aid kits- 3 times the cost and not as good a product.

I endorse this product and have shared it with my co-workers, who have since bought kits. I am a former US Army combat medic, field nurse, current STOP THE BLEED instructor, and board-certified Trauma RN, so I know my stuff. Great kit (and yes, I paid for my kit just like you. Real guy giving an honest review on a product and company he likes).”

Make the right decision when it comes to your outdoor safety. Grab your Surviveware Large First Aid Kit today by clicking here.

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