Surviveware’s Emergency Fire Starter Receives Commendation from Survivalist

Specialized Camping and Survival Brand, Surviveware, Recognized for Fire Starter

Today’s market is loaded with imitation and low-quality products. When facing the elements using low-quality products is not the best option. At worst, you may risk not only your life but also your loved ones’. A number of accidents occur due to the use of inferior quality products. Imagine such an incident happening you or to your loved ones.

When you’re out, and your life depends on fire, would you risk it by using low-quality fire starters?

Surviveware’s continuous effort to provide excellent products and services is a mark of its dedication to providing superior camping and survival gear. Backed by extensive experience and knowledge in backpacking and survival, the company created a new addition to its line of adventure and survival tools: the Emergency Fire Starter.

The company’s Emergency Fire Starter combines the convenience of fire-making and ease of sending emergency signals. The long Ferro rod and striker make it possible to create sparks easily. In addition, since the rod is thicker than other fire starters on the market, customers are guaranteed 15,000 strikes. Surviveware also included a paracord handle and a functional emergency whistle that can be added to any first aid kit.

The quality of the Emergency Fire Starter can be seen in the positive feedback from Surviveware customers. One of the many positive reviews received for the fire starter was this review from a survivalist, who expresses his satisfaction with this addition to his kit:

“Recently, I had been scouring Amazon for various camping essentials. As any camper/survivalist knows fire is the lifeblood of the wilderness, whether it be to cook, keep animals away, or create a bug screen around your site that is why it is imperative to start your kit with a high-quality fire starter. I had been looking for a 'branded' one, but I kept seeing cheap knockoff type items from unknown sellers. I decided on the Surviveware Fire Starter because it seemed that this company specializes in a diverse product line of camping and survival gear and it seemed like all of their product were met with high praise from their customer base.

I cannot say how pleased I am with this Fire Starter! The magnesium rod is very heavy and dense which makes the sparking seamless. It comes on a long braided rope for a secure grip. The whistle is a nice touch, but hopefully, I never need it! All in all for the price and perceived customer sentiment I think this is a great value and would absolutely purchase again, but something tells me this baby is going to work for a very long time! Thanks, Surviveware!”

This product is indeed a necessary addition to any survival and first aid kit. While imitations and low-quality fire-making tools might be cheaper, Surviveware’s Fire Starter can save you in the long run. Moreover, you cannot put a price tag on your survival. Hence, it pays to invest in your preparedness measures.

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