Surviveware’s Emergency Fire Starter Preferred by Camping Enthusiasts

Camping Enthusiasts are now Turning to Surviveware for their Fire Making Needs

Fire making is often viewed as a luxury that campers can afford to ignore during in favor of other preparations. However, it is oft-overlooked that this skill is a valuable asset that should be learned and honed by anyone.

Despite its relevance, there exist many instances in which fire-making is a tedious task. The absence of a reliable and sturdy fire starter tool that is easy to use makes it difficult to learn and understand the skill. It is aggravated further by the existence of low-quality fire tools on the market and the difficulty in finding an excellent fire starter.

In order to address this dilemma, Surviveware, a leading camping and survival gear company, recently released their Survival Fire Starter. This emergency fire starter is created to ensure that campers and survivalists have durable and functional tools for their camping packs and bug-out bags.

Surviveware, understanding the difficulty of using fire starters with shorter rods, and that time spent creating sparks can compromise safety in an emergency, developed a fire starter to solve these problems. With Surviveware’s Survival Kit Fire Starter, making a flame is easier. With its lengthier rod, it is easier to strike and create sparks. Moreover, this fire starter has a thick and robust rod which guarantees 15,000 strikes. It not only allows efficient fire-making but also helps conserve resources, as well as time. In worst-case scenarios when life depends on how fast a person can create fire, having an efficient emergency fire starter can make all the difference.

Surviveware’s Fire Starter is a simple but useful addition to any adventure and bug-out bags. Aside from being a convenient and easy-to-use fire tool, Surviveware’s Survival Fire Starter comes with an emergency whistle; a multi-tool which functions as a striker, bottle opener, and ruler; and paracord that can be used for binding and fire ignition. With such features, this survival gear fire starter comes in handy in a variety of survival situations.

Campers and survivalists are seeing the numerous benefits of having an easy-to-use fire starter that works even in the toughest situations. In this review written by a customer, he mentioned how he was able to easily make fire through the use of this survival fire starter, “If you like camping, or ever experience emergencies, this is the perfect fire-starting tool to have! I appreciate the longer rod as for me it has taken me more time to light fires when I have used similar products with a shorter rod. After very little instructions and demonstrations, it was easy enough for my little niece to use! Also comes with a whistle in case your dog gets lost or get a sports game going to camp!”

Surviveware’s Survival Kit Fire Starter is now available on Amazon. To celebrate its debut, Surviveware is giving away a 20% discount coupon to the first 100 buyers. Take advantage of this promotion today and click here to get your coupon now!

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