Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes Recommended for Backcountry Hygiene Needs

Travel Hygiene Wipes Gains Trust from Avid Camper

Those who go on extensive hikes and treks have to deal with sweat due to strenuous exercise. Merely changing into fresh clothes doesn’t prevent bacterial buildup on the skin, so it helps to have a hygiene product that provides cleanliness on-the-go.

Surviveware, maker of high-quality adventure and survival gear, offers a hygiene product that removes dirt and mud while keeping skin moisturized: the Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes. These no-rinse hygiene wipes provide a solution for hikers and campers who want a portable hygiene product on hiking and camping expeditions.

A critical concern of campers is how to freshen up before settling for the night without the luxury of having a shower. Surviveware’s hygiene wipes offer the perfect solution for one’s hygiene woes.

The Biodegradable Wet Wipes are made of soft, light fabric that glides smoothly on the skin. They are larger than other wet wipes on the market, measuring 8” x 12” to cover a wider surface area when used to clean one’s body. As the Surviveware wipes are three times larger, an average-sized adult will only need one to two sheets to refresh the entire body (three to four if thoroughly muddied from the day’s adventures). Thus, a pack of 32 sheets lasts longer, making the product an economical choice.

Each body shower wipe is loaded with a skin-friendly formula made of natural aloe, vitamin E, and other hypoallergenic ingredients that effectively cleanse the skin of impurities, body oil, and sweat. The ingredients are safe even for babies and those with delicate skin. In addition, since these travel hygiene wipes are alcohol and scent-free, users don’t have to worry about irritation or dry skin.

Surviveware makes it possible to have an eco-friendly alternative to showering. The sheets start to disintegrate within 28 days after use, and thoroughly decompose in 6 to 12 months, far shorter than regular wipes made of plastic, which take hundreds of years to break down. Without harmful chemicals and plastic residue, these no-rinse hygiene wipes are perfect for conscientious hikers and campers who want to minimize their environmental footprint and avoid contributing to the growing litter left in the backcountry.

Due to these features, people are relying more and more on these wipes for their camping needs. A Surviveware Amazon customer shared how these body shower wipes are a mainstay of his weekend travels and camping trips:

“These are a true lifesaver when you are traveling. The wipes are large and thick. Scent-free and perfect for camping or when you need cleaning for your body and have no water source - these are perfect. I used them camping and felt so refreshed after using. Large size makes them so useful.”

Don’t feel uncomfortable when camping. Purchase Surviveware’s no-rinse hygiene wipes on Amazon, and you’ll never have to worry about staying clean at the end of each hiking, hunting, and camping day. Get your Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes today by clicking here.

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