Surviveware's 72-Hour Survival Backpack Applauded by Survivalist

Emergency Backpack Recognized by Prepper

When it comes to disaster, one can never be too prepared. During an immediate evacuation, having everything in one bug-out-bag can shorten the amount of time needed to evacuate. While many helpful instructional videos are available online, having a kit with all the required emergency provisions can help reduce the stress and pressure in preparing one's go-bag.

Surviveware, a leader in outdoor and emergency preparedness, has designed an ideal companion for calamities and disasters- the Surviveware 72-Hour Survival Backpack. This kit contains all the crucial provisions and tools that one will need during the first 72 hours after the onset of a disaster. During these times, access to potable water, food, and shelter is likely cut-off, and medical help will take some time before it arrives. This innovative survival backpack infuses outdoor and emergency preparedness into one versatile bag.

What is unique about this emergency preparedness survival backpack is its attention to detail. Each backpack contains a wide assortment of provisions enough for two people to survive during the three days of an emergency.

The survival backpack contains three days’ worth of USCG-approved emergency food bars and water sachets. It also contains an emergency whistle, sleeping bags, goggles, outdoor ponchos, hazardous bags, N95 dust masks, female hygiene products, and Surviveware Wet Wipes. Emergency equipment such as a tourniquet, hand-crank emergency radio, waterproof matches, reflective paracord, duct tapes, splint, cable ties, and snap lights are included. Surviveware also added a Lifestraw Water Filter and 2-person emergency tent.

Surviveware incorporated GridNet technology into this emergency preparedness survival backpack. This allows users to flip the bag open to 180 degrees without spilling its contents and provides added support, keeping the provisions in place and allowing more room for additional supplies and items.

This 72-Hour Survival Backpack comes with Surviveware's signature labeled compartments and color-coded pouches. Surviveware also added MOLLE-friendly straps, a mesh pocket, and insulated side pockets for added versatility and convenience.

An Amazon customer shared how The Responder changed his emergency preparedness perspective. In his review, he emphasized how the backpack makes preparedness easier:

"When I first saw this, what made me pick the Responder over other options was the awesome backpack. But now that it's arrived - I am blown away by the quality, content, and design of this kit! It literally has everything - and is SO WELL DESIGNED. The gridnet system is super useful for organizing, and every item is really high quality down to the free gift - a nifty multi-tool I've slipped into my wallet. The backpack, which I would use every day, is super comfortable because the straps are padded in a way they never cut into my shoulders - even after long periods of time.

Also, something great is the emergency plan booklet, which provides a comprehensive framework to make sure I've planned important details (including caring for my pet!) in event of something happening to me on a trip. Overall, this is well worth the price and has amazing build quality. Hopefully they offer refills for the individual items in the bag because this bag is built to last."

Make emergency preparation as simple as possible with Surviveware's 72-Hour Survival Backpack. Invest in your safety and get your backpack today by clicking here.

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