Surviveware's 72-Hour Survival Backpack Aids Crucial Emergency Preparedness

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Self-sufficiency and resilience are critical components of survival. During emergencies, most lifelines and necessities are cut-off. Strained resources should not affect the ability to thrive while waiting for help to arrive. Having an emergency preparedness survival backpack containing essential supplies and provisions is both necessary and crucial.

Surviveware, a leader in first aid and survival gear, offers their 72-Hour Survival Backpack to individuals looking to scale up their emergency preparedness. This fuller pack covers first aid, emergency preparedness and survival in a 20"x14"x10" 600D tarpaulin bag. The company aims to ensure that high-quality provisions are within reach by ensuring availability through several online platforms including Amazon Prime.

This must-have kit is for individuals living, working or hiking in hazard-prone areas as it contains comprehensive and emergency-ready provisions. The heavy-duty survival backpack comes with essential supplies, critical care items, and survival tools to last two adults three crucial days after a disaster or emergency. Aside from food and water, Surviveware added personal provisions such as rain ponchos, goggles, N95 dust masks, tampons, emergency whistle, and Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes into this backpack.

The emergency preparedness survival backpack offers assorted tools to use. It contains emergency equipment and gear like waterproof matches, duct tape, emergency sleeping bags, a hand-cranked radio, tourniquet, cable ties, reflective paracord, splint, and snap lights. Surviveware also included a LifeStraw Water Filter and a 2-person emergency tent into this 72-hour emergency backpack.

To secure the packs’ contents, the company added its signature organization system to help kit owners to navigate the backpack easily. A high-quality storage system called GridNet™ was added to the bag to keep the supplies in place and increase accessibility and visibility of its contents. Other provisions are stored inside color-coded pouches marked with "personal, water, and food."

Surviveware's emergency preparedness survival backpack has always made a difference in many survivalists and preppers' preparedness journeys. Fred, a Surviveware Amazon customer, shared how the survival backpack helped them prepare for worst-case scenario’s living near the Atlantic Ocean.

"Absolutely love this new product from Surviveware! There's room to add some of your own items to personalize it even more. The GridNet system makes for easy and handy organization. It's a great addition to our emergency plan and supplies.

We live several hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean and try to be prepared for most any emergency. We previously bought the large first aid kit from Surviveware and were impressed enough to grab this Responder kit, too. Surviveware is very hands-on and ultra-responsive."

Now's the chance to level-up your emergency and survival preparedness with a fully-furnished and dedicated first aid and survival backpack. Take this opportunity and grab your 72-Hour Survival Backpack today by clicking here.

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