Surviveware’s 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes Solves Backpacking Hygiene Hardships

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Backpacking Made Comfortable with Surviveware’s Travel-Size Wet Wipes

Hygiene is a common issue of backpackers who are particular about their comfort. With the growing popularity of hygiene products, there is now a wide array of options to choose from. A popular choice for backpacking, hunting, and other outdoor excursions is Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes.

Surviveware’s 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes are the perfect choice for adventure-seekers who want to enjoy the backcountry without smelling like it. These wipes come with four packs, each containing 15 8”x12” wipes, so users can bring as few as one wipe and as many as 60 wipes on their journey.

With 30% more bulk, it’s an economical choice for adventure-seekers who want to get the most without compromising on quality. Due to its larger size, one to two sheets is enough to clean the entire body.

These camping body wipes are known for their formulation. Each sheet is loaded with a hypoallergenic and nourishing formula, perfect for both kids and adults with sensitive skin. The wipes are free from harmful ingredients that can dry or irritate the skin, and they are also infused with natural aloe and vitamin E.

Scent-free, the wipes are an essential for outdoorsmen who want to keep their scent hidden from the local wildlife. It’s also recommended for individuals who are sensitive to scented products.

Surviveware is keen on reducing the carbon footprint of fellow campers and hikers, so the wipes are made of biodegradable fibers that start to break down within 28 days after use, thoroughly decomposing in 12 months- far faster than plastic-based wipes that take 200 years or more to break down.

An experienced backpacker and Amazon customer shared how these camping body wipes made a difference on a backpacking trip:

“I use these to freshen up all parts of my body when backpacking. They’re a lifesaver. Never go on a trip without them. The best part is that they’re biodegradable, so you can bury them instead of packing them out. I’ve reordered this product at least 3 times. No scent.”

Feel more in control in the backcountry with portable camping body wipes in your pack. Order your next Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes by clicking here.

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