Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit Surpasses Customer Test

Surviveware Waterproof Kit Approved by Amazon Customer

It’s crucial to operate with a first aid kit that covers the crucial aspects of urgent wound care. Many pre-made kits on the market contain just a handful of bandages and flimsy tools that only gather dust and dirt.

Seeing the need for specialized kits that offer value without compromising safety and preparedness, Surviveware, a leading preparedness and adventure gear retailer, developed the Waterproof First Aid Kit. This innovative take on emergency preparedness has piqued the interest of many preppers and survivalists.

Surviveware ensured that the kit is 100% waterproof by utilizing TPU fabric for the exterior. This material allows the first aid hiking kit to stay bone-dry even after being submerged underwater for 30 minutes at a 1-meter depth, earning an IPX 7 certification. In addition to the pack’s watertight zippers, the welded seams help preserve the contents.

A notable feature of this kit, which is also present on other Surviveware gear, is its structured interiors. Inner partitions and labeled compartments help keep everything organized and easily accessible. During emergencies, a structured backpacking first aid kit helps speed up the response process. Moreover, since everything is marked, it’s easy to replenish used items.

Unlike bulky first aid cases, this waterproof first aid kit is versatile and convenient for an active lifestyle, with MOLLE-straps that allow it to be strapped on backpacks, tents, beach chairs, go-bags, and more. Surviveware incorporated this system to provide kit owners an alternative to carrying their first aid hiking kits. While strapped to any post or backpack, owners can retrieve the kit using the Velcro panel by simply peeling it off, thereby making it a grab-and-go pack.

This watertight backpacking first aid kit contains a multitude of provisions for tackling minor to moderately severe injuries It contains bandages, gauze swabs, triangular bandages, eye pads, wound strip closures, emergency blankets, shears, tweezers, splinter probes, earplugs, and a CPR kit. A first aid handbook is also included.

Surviveware’s Waterproof First Aid Kit has made a huge impact on the lives of outdoorsmen, adventure-seekers, and preppers. Its features have swayed many to upgrade to this watertight first aid hiking kit. Despite the positive feedback that this kit has received, it is understandable that owners would want to test the kit’s waterproof capabilities. In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he shared how his experiment went:

“I have submerged this kit and sprayed it with the hose to test out the case, and it really is waterproof. It also floats! The contents are extremely well laid out and labeled. Has everything you need and room to supplement the kit for your specific needs. This really is an excellent kit!”

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