Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit Recognized by Jeep Driver

Surviveware Watertight First Aid Kit Recommended for Vehicle and Boat Use

Jeeps are the go-to vehicle for those who prioritize off-roading and other rugged sojourns. Long, dusty excursions over craggy terrain can lead to a multitude of variable situations, from exhilarating thrills to serious emergencies.

Burns and scrapes, not to mention involvement in a car accident, can cause extensive injury. Leading adventure preparedness gear retailer, Surviveware, offers a rugged first aid kit for off-road and rough terrain journeys, the Surviveware Waterproof First Aid. This heavy-duty watertight backpacking first aid kit is the first waterproof kit of its kind available on the market.

The kit is made of 600D TPU polyester and has an IPX7 rating, meaning it can withstand water submersion of one meter for 30 minutes, ideal for rough terrains, inclement weather conditions, and rugged road travels.

The zippers of the Waterproof First Aid Kit are welded, rather than sewn, so that moisture won't seep in. Due to the welding, Users will notice that this watertight backpacking first aid kit is tougher to zip and unzip. This can be solved by using the lubricating gel and grip adjustment pullers on the bag.

The kit contains carefully curated supplies and tools for medical emergencies. Weighing in at 2.35 pounds, and available for purchase on Amazon Prime, it includes life-saving essentials such as adhesive bandages, gauze, an emergency blanket, eye pads, nitrile gloves, hydrogel, hypo-allergenic tape, wound strip closures, a triangular bandage, splinter probes, and tweezers. Moreover, the bag also includes a CPR kit and a first aid handbook.

Ample space inside the first aid hiking kit allows personal items to be added such as prescription medication, an inhaler, tourniquet, or Epi-pen. Owners have the ability to further customize the pack by adding their gear and EDC items in a separate pocket inside the bag.

Another great feature of the Waterproof First Aid Kit is the MOLLE-compatible system and rings. These elements increase the portability and convenience that this watertight backpacking first aid kit offers. The MOLLE straps lock it in place and provide more options for securing the bag to any bar, handle, hook, or headrest. It also comes with D-rings that enable it to be attached to hooks.

Jeep owners trust this waterproof first aid kit for their road preparedness needs, as evidenced in Tiffany's review:

"I haven't had to use the first aid kit, but I have it strapped in the back of my Jeep, and the top is off 90% of the time, and so far, nothing on the inside has got any kind of moisture in the pack. The amount of items stuffed in that pack is just incredible, and the organization of the items is top-notch. I would definitely purchase again and recommend anyone who might encounter water while out should definitely pick this up."

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