Surviveware Trauma Shears Recognized as Ideal Cutting Tool By Injured Users

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Surviveware’s Trauma Shears Receive Positive Feedback from Recovering Customer

Managing a healing wound should be done with care. As the body repairs broken skin and tissue, improper handling of bandages and dressings may result in infection. As such, using the appropriate first aid tools reduces the chance of infection.

To ensure thorough healing of a wound or injury, it must be attended to with appropriate first aid supplies; this includes being thoroughly cleansed and sterilized before use. One of the primary tools for patient care is ]reliable and durable trauma shears. Surviveware, a leading adventure preparedness company, offers medical-grade trauma shears, and other products focused on preparedness, backpacking, and camping. Paramedics, EMTs, first responders, hunters, and campers prefer these shears for their first aid and other emergency needs.

Surviveware’s trauma shears are designed to provide comfort and convenience to users. Each pair is ergonomically structured to fit an average-sized hand. The shears boast grip-support features and large finger openings that provide sufficient support during use.

Surviveware uses fine, resilient stainless steel for the shears and each pair is coated with black fluoride. This combination gives each piece a better cutting advantage, able to handle the demands of the field. The black fluoride coating prevents adhesives and other sticky residues from ruining the blades. With a 7.5” body and weighing just 1.76 ounces, these medical-grade shears qualify as an easy everyday carry (EDC) tool, fitting easily in pockets, first aid kits, or handbags.

Having strong shears is undeniably crucial to providing maximum self and patient care. This was evident in the experience of Marty, who shared his customer review of the shears on Amazon, “I actually use these scissors to cut the tape bandages that support my broken toe on my left foot. I was having a hard time using regular scissors to get through them, looked on Amazon, and these were one of the first that popped up and good reviews. They are very well made and make cutting so much easier!”

Remove the burden of having troublesome scissors that don’t get the job done. Grab these trusted Surviveware Medical-Grade Trauma Shears, and you will never have to endure using low-quality scissors that fail to meet expectations.

These shears are available at Amazon. Order your pair of Surviveware Trauma Shears now by clicking here.

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