Surviveware Trauma Shears Exhibit Durability And Strength

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Medical-Grade Trauma Shears From Surviveware Recommended as Versatile Cutting Tool

Surviveware, a favorite among adventure and survival enthusiasts for their safety gear, focuses on developing products that provide solutions to the prevailing concerns of those who savor a life spent outside. One of these concerns is the need for high-quality shears that work well in emergencies as well as during outdoor activities. Typical scissors on the market were designed for doing menial cutting tasks and can’t cut through bandages or even fishing line. In a situation where thick clothing and obstructive material need to be removed, blunt shears would only prove to be a liability to the user.

Surviveware’s Trauma Shears showcase an ergonomically-designed body that provides convenience, comfort, and durability for users. The large finger opening and thumbhole fit comfortably on an average-sized hand, in such a way that users don’t have to worry about discomfort and formation of blisters from prolonged use.

The shears are crafted using bonded stainless steel that is glazed with a high-grade black fluoride coating. The steel gives the shears their strength while providing durability to the blades. The fluoride coating helps keep the edges sharp and free from sticky residue, prolonging the usability and lifespan of the shears and preserving the functionality of the tool.

These scissors are a useful addition to any first aid kit or emergency pack. They are lightweight, weighing only 1.76 ounces, making them an ideal tool for backpacking, hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing.

A common problem for first responders in the wild is that their tools may hurt the injured individual. Shears that have pointed tips can scratch the skin while cutting through the victim’s clothing. Surviveware’s trauma shears were designed to have blunt tips. This way, the tool can cut across clothing or heavy fabric material without causing any damage to the skin.

These medical-grade shears have continuously impressed users with their sharpness and durability. John, an Amazon customer, shared how he put his Surviveware shears to the test: "They worked perfectly! I thought ‘I'm going give these a real run’ so I got an aluminum can turn it on its side and cut it with no problem; then I turned the can upright, cut the top where you open it and cut the top, no problem no slipping of the blades no dulling of the blades. After I cut the can I got some paper and cut the paper perfectly these will last years to come."

Why settle for second-rate shears that dull after a few uses? Grab a pair of Surviveware Trauma Shears and you will never have to worry about cutting through fishing nets, seat belts, aluminum cans, or tarp.

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