Surviveware Trauma Shears Are Recommended by Paramedics

Surviveware's Trauma Shears Recommended for Use in Critical Situations

Paramedics, EMTs, and emergency room personnel are highly dependent on their trauma shears to remove patients clothing. As such, it is vital that the shears can cut through a wide range of materials including denim, corduroy, and leather.

However, not all trauma shears work well; they may have flimsy blades that dull easily. The metal may bend, the shears may be so dull that they do more harm than good.

Surviveware s Trauma Shears are the ideal partner of paramedics, EMTs, and other emergency responders. These shears are lightweight and can be conveniently attached to a carabiner and hooked on one s belt loop. They are a perfect addition to any first aid kit or adventure pack. Since these scissors only weigh 1.76 ounces, they can be stored inside rucksacks, tackle boxes, survival kits, or hunting bags without weighing down the carrier.

The shears are made from bonded stainless steel which helps to increase their durability and sharpness. Apart from their high-quality steel component, these scissors are coated with black fluoride, a non-stick coating which prevents unwanted tape and residue from sticking on the edges of these shears. Moreover, the fluoride also helps maintain the precision sharpness of each blade, giving it a longer lifespan.

Surviveware incorporated soft-grip, non-slip contoured handles to these Paramedic Shears to give users maximum control when slicing through thick cloth materials. It has a large finger opening and thumbhole to secure comfortably on one s hand. This comfort-grip feature prevents blister formation and discomfort from prolonged use. It also allows users to cut through heavy fabrics with minimal effort.

With blunted points, paramedics and emergency room staff don t have to worry about nipping or pricking their patients while accessing a wound that needs immediate attention. It also prevents the scissors from ruining other provisions or the pack where it is stored.

These high-grade paramedic shears from Surviveware have become a favorite brand among paramedics, EMTs, nursing students, and ER personnel. William, one of the company s clients, expressed his satisfaction on Surviveware s Trauma shears in the following Amazon review: I love these trauma shears, and they work great on men s trousers, I ll have you know. They are rugged but soft to carry in pockets like they're not even there. I was proud that I made the right choice in going with this tool; it made my job a whole lot easier.

Don t rely on craft scissors for addressing your safety needs. Make first aid easier and safer with Surviveware s Paramedic Shears. Grab a pair of these shears today by placing your order at Amazon.

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