Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit Surpasses Quality Tests

Surviveware Survival Kit Makes Top-Notch Addition to Prepper

Emergencies and natural disasters capable of causing massive destruction are hard to predict. Preppers and survivalists know this and make it a point to ensure that they are fully prepared for anything- updating emergency plans and replenishing go-bags.

Surviveware, a leading outdoor preparedness retailer, has recently launched another life-saving kit, the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit, for times of uncertainty and disaster.

This innovative survival 1st aid kit carries key provisions for any crisis or accident. It combines first aid with two other essential components - hygiene and survival. One's survival is dependent on these critical areas; therefore, it's wise to invest in gear and tools that focus on providing the utmost care.

First aid items include a CPR kit, tweezers, trauma shears, splinter probes, bandages, adhesives, and eye pads, among many more - all hand selected to treat the most common injuries encountered. Survival items include a multi-tool, pocket knife, signaling mirror, flashlight, and more - all designed for quality, durability, and versatility. To address the hygiene department, Surviveware's own biodegradable wet wipes are included in this survival kit.

These supplies are stored in color-coded compartments (blue for hygiene, green for survival, and red for first aid) by type and use to make it easier to retrieve what is needed in a rush. First aid and survival kit users don't need to dump everything on the floor to find small items like safety pins or bandages when they can see everything at a quick glance. This makes using the kit easy for bystanders as well, who would not have any prior knowledge of the kit.

This Surviveware Survival Kit comes in a 600D polyester bag that keeps all supplies in place and protects them from the elements while being malleable enough to squeeze into overpacked bags. Aside from its water-resistant exterior and labeled compartments, this survival 1st aid kit has MOLLE-compatible straps and a Velcro panel, making it easier to lock it in place and retrieve it when necessary.

Surviveware strives to provide functional, quality products to its customers. In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he shared his satisfaction upon purchasing the Survival Kit

"I was pleasantly surprised at the very high quality of this survival kit. So many on the market are cheap and near worthless. But this all seems very sturdy, well made and actually usable in an emergency. A quick check for the quality of a first aid kit is the tweezers. If those seem well made and actually useful, you know that the manufacturer actually cares about the quality of what they put into the kit. Highly recommend."

Get ready for any emergency or accident with a trusted survival 1st aid kit. Click here to order your Surviveware Survival Kit today.

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