Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit Recommended for Hurricane Season

Surviveware Survival Kit is Hurricane and Storm Must-Have

As the remaining days of summer wane, many are now preparing for hurricane season. With the hurricane season just kicking off, households must start leveraging their disaster preparedness for home and car use. One of the measures that they can take to ensure they have enough provisions for handling wounds and stabilizing injuries is purchasing a first aid and survival kit. Surviveware, a leading retailer of preparedness and survival gear, offers an ideal kit for hurricane preparedness – the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit.

This kit carries key provisions for any emergency, offering an extensive array of supplies that target three core areas: first aid, hygiene, and survival. Each provision stored inside the pack is segregated according to use. First aid provisions are marked with red labels, while hygiene provisions are labeled in blue and green, and survival items are in black-labeled compartments. Once users have familiarized themselves with this system, it will be a breeze to navigate this survival first aid kit.

Surviveware makes a point to ensure that outdoorsmen are prepared to the fullest for any eventualities. Aside from the wide variety of first aid supplies that this kit contains, the Surviveware first aid and survival kit has high-quality tools like glow sticks, a wire saw, signaling mirror, poncho, a small tactical flashlight, a paracord bracelet, a premium-grade knife, and multi-tool. It also holds Biodegradable Wet Wipes.

Surviveware's FSA-approved survival 1st aid kits, which are available on Amazon Prime, are structured and versatile for both home and outdoor use. The Survival First Aid Kit comes in a 600D polyester bag that keeps all supplies in place and protects them from the elements while being malleable enough to squeeze into an overpacked bag. Aside from its water-resistant exterior and labeled compartments, the survival 1st aid kit has MOLLE-compatible straps and a Velcro panel, making it easier to lock the kit in place and retrieve it when necessary.

Devlin, a Surviveware Amazon customer, shared her thoughts about the Surviveware Survival Kit and how it easily transitions from a regular camping kit to a Category 5 hurricane emergency pack:

"At first glance, this pack is just an assortment of some very commonsensical items that are useful in most first-aid and other situations like storms, camping, etc. The organization of this pack is outstanding, and it is clear that a lot of time and probably testing was used to figure out the best way to fit all of this stuff in here and to do so in the smallest package possible. You'll find things ranging from bandages to a pretty good knife, to a CPR kit, scissors, tape, multi-tool, and more. There is literally way, way more than I probably could have thought of in a few hours time of just thinking of what to include. This is also packed in such an efficient way that when I first opened it up, I felt a little like it was similar to a clown car because of how much stuff is packed inside. I thought taking pictures of it might be best to help remember how to put everything back, but then I noticed the very well-done labels that make it easy to replenish the consumables. This pack isn't some cheaply made afterthought but rather one that actually will come in handy during something like a category 5 hurricane (I really, really could've used this during that aftermath). I truly believe that everyone should have some kind of first aid kit on hand, and this one is one of the first I will recommend to people who either don't have the time or the knowledge to put one together themselves.."

Level up your hurricane preparedness by ordering a fully functional and reliable first aid and survival kit. Purchase your Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit today.

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