Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Recommended by EMT Instructor

Surviveware Small First Aid Trauma Kit Favored by EMTs and First Responders

First aid kits are a critical component of any emergency response. Trained first responders know to always have a well-supplied first aid kit on hand. An ideal kit should have premium supplies to provide medical relief and care to the injured and wounded.

Leading retailer of adventure preparedness gear, Surviveware, offers a small first aid trauma kit ideal for emergency response efforts: the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit, containing the most commonly needed supplies when treating injured individuals.

The 600D polyester case is sturdy yet lightweight, easily fitting into a backpack or glove compartment. With its MOLLE-compatible straps, it can strap onto rucksacks, tents, hammocks, service dog vests, and more. This convenience allows the kit to be carried and stored anywhere.

Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit’s labeled compartments help in the easy identification and organization of the supplies. Each label notes the compartment’s content’s name, use, and quantity. While kit owners are recommended to familiarize themselves with their kit, the stress of emergencies can make it a challenge to keep everything straight. Labeled compartments do the thinking for users in an emergency, and make it so that first responders and bystanders can use the kit with ease.

While the case is small, it comfortably holds 100 life-saving supplies for treating injuries and wounds. It includes a wide variety of bandages, gauze pads, steri-strips, cleansing wipes, and triangular bandages. These are highly useful in patching up avulsions, punctures, and lacerations. This first aid trauma kit also comes with nitrile gloves, splinter probes, tweezers, a CPR kit and trauma shears. Kit owners can customize this pack by adding medication, Epi-pens, and other items that suit their lifestyle needs.

Medical experts and trained responders turn to this kit for their own personal safety cache. In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he shared that he purchased this kit on the recommendation of an EMT:

"I just earned my EMR and BLS certifications and thought it would be a good idea to invest in a first aid kit. This first aid kit from Surviveware is awesome! Great quality and very well organized. My instructor is an EMT and suggested it might be one of the better first aid kits he has seen. Haven't needed to use it yet, thankfully, but I do highly recommend it!"

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