Surviveware Small First Aid Kit Makes Cabin Week Packing Easier

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A Week at the Cabin is Made Easy with Surviveware First Aid Kit

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sharp uptick of people have been choosing to head to the outdoors for leisure. Nature has become a refuge for many looking to find ways to release their stress and reconnect with nature.

This exodus back to nature has prompted the new adventurers to rethink their levels of preparedness. One of the prominent items that many are eyeing is first aid kits. However, not all kits can withstand the rugged environment of the backcountry. Each excursion calls for a stocked and durable kit, which should in turn be scrutinized to fit one's needs.

Surviveware, a leading retailer of first aid and survival gear, has a wide range of gear for the backcountry. A first aid kit perfect for excursions is the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit. This portable hikers' first aid kit is ideal for solo hikes and camping trips. The various provisions and items make it the go-to companion of adventure and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the portable features of this travel first aid kit are its soft shell casing and MOLLE-compatible straps. The case is crafted with 600D polyester fabric while the straps are made of heavy-duty material. Combined, these make the kit a rugged outdoor travel first aid kit for backcountry trips, hunting, and fitness.

Aside from these features, it's crucial to open the kit to check the wide array of supplies each small first aid kit contains. A single bag has 100 pieces of life-saving tools for wounds, bruises, abrasions, sprains, hypothermia, contusions, and more. Each kit contains adhesive bandages, gauze pads, steri-strips, cleansing wipes, sting relief wipes, splinter probes, tweezers, nitrile gloves, CPR kit, trauma shears, and a first aid handbook.

The supplies are stored in labeled compartments that organize everything according to use. Each compartment’s labels identify the supplies stored inside as well as their quantity and use. For added security, Surviveware placed everything in resealable laminate packets. Small plastic baggies were also added to this hikers' first aid kit to serve as a container for personal items such as prescription medication.

These travel first aid kits have proven their worth among adventure seekers and become a go-to kit for hikes and excursions. Hope, a hardcore hiker, made it a permanent add-on to her camping backpack:

"I got this to take on a cabin week and it was perfect for disinfecting and addressing small wounds. Very much as advertised, everything was easy to find when we needed it (once for a splinter, then again to disinfect and dress a cut acquired while hiking). Definitely glad I spent up to get this bag - I can always restock it and it's nice to have the internal organization especially if, like me, you have no idea what you're doing in an emergency."

Hit the woods with confidence with Surviveware's Small First Aid Kit. Don't settle for anything less. Place your order today by clicking here.

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