Surviveware Large First Aid Recognized for Practicality and Versatility

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Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Noted for Practical Home Use

The importance of having a reliable first aid kit in the home, office, and vehicle cannot be stressed enough. When an accident or disaster happens, it is essential to have a kit that can help stabilize the victim’s condition while waiting for medical help to arrive. This need, coupled with leading preparedness gear company Surviveware’s desire to provide better first aid kits, prompted the release of their Large First Aid Kit.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is packed with 200 life-saving supplies that can be used to treat minor or major injuries. The pack contains a wide array of bandages, adhesives, conforming strips, gauze swabs, non-adhesive dressings, and steri-strips. Surviveware also included supplies intended to treat insect bites, bruises, and splinters. Additional first aid tools include hydrogel, medical-grade shears, a whistle, and CPR Kit with an instructional guide. The large first aid kit also comes with an advanced first aid handbook that can be used as a guide or refresher during critical situations.

The supplies are encased in a 600D polyester bag that locks away moisture and dirt. The waterproof packaging also helps preserve the freshness of the supplies. The 10” x 7.25” x 5” kit can also protect these medical items from frost and water. Further protection was also included in this kit by placing the medical provisions in resealable laminate pouches.

Unlike the typical plastic-cased first aid kit, Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit doesn’t break or tear easily. Also, the casing is lightweight, malleable, and doesn’t add much weight to the whole pack. The kit’s MOLLE compatible strap system allows it to be attached to a wide variety of items, from suspension systems, bicycles, rucksacks, to racks, tents, and hammocks. Due to its ergonomically designed structure, the pack can be stored and carried easily.

One of this kit’s selling points is its organized and labeled compartments. The piping of each compartment is labeled according to its content and purpose. This feature allows the easy access and identification of the provisions stored in this pack.

LH, an Amazon customer, shared his thoughts about this first aid kit, noting its user-friendly aspects for people who need a reliable pack for stabilizing trauma, “I take my first aid very seriously and have been trained in various first aid and EMT courses. I like this kit because it's compact and comprehensive without adding a lot of unnecessary items and that it comes with enough extra space to add the items I deem essential. This kit will get me to the point where I could get anyone to the hospital. If you are looking for a "TEOTWAWKI" type kit, this probably isn't the one for you, but if you are looking for a practical, user-friendly kit that can help stabilize and treat a trauma while you wait for more formal help, I would highly recommend this kit. I purchased the large kit and the travel kit. The large kit has a detachable mini-kit which I throw in my EDC, making the kit even more useful. You do have to purchase your own medications, and I added single-use antibiotic pouches and a SAM splint to round out the kits, but the kit does come with "personal medication" bags so you can put your own particular needs there. I will be buying these kits again for gifts!”

Enjoy the feeling of having a practical and reliable first aid kit in your home, office, or vehicle. Buy this large first aid kit today and enjoy 20% off from your purchase through Surviveware’s Amazon discount coupons.

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