Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Recommended for Journeys by Car or Foot

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Trusted Outdoor Travel Companion

Spending time crisscrossing the nation by road exposes an individual to inevitable road hazards. Many potentially dangerous risks are present across interstate highways. Being caught with no immediate medical help can put one in a critical situation. First aid kits are a crucial add-on to any car or truck.

Surviveware, a prominent outdoor preparedness retailer, offers a survival first aid kit that fits any car, SUV, or trailer truck: the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. This expanded pack contains ideal provisions for vehicle owners who frequently travel.

This large car first aid kit comes in a durable 10” x 7.25” x 5” bag complete with heavy-duty zippers, a Velcro panel, thick handles, and MOLLE-compatible straps. Tailored to withstand rough terrain and adventures, this kit goes easily between car and trail use.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit, which is available on Amazon Prime, is favored for its organized and labeled compartments, which keep the supplies in place. The labels note the compartments’ content’s name, quantity, and use, allowing for easy retrieval of needed items, handy in an emergency when one may be fumbling due to nerves.

Users appreciate the convenience of having a fully stocked car first aid kit in a durable, portable bag. This large first aid kit comes with 200 supplies that can help in treating sprains, twisted ligaments, bruises, splinters, concussions, lacerations, punctures, burns, and more. Despite its comprehensive content, there is still enough space for additional items such as prescription medication, and other survival or personal items.

Avid travelers and hikers have extended their emergency preparation to their ride. In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he mentioned how this survival first aid kit made a difference when packing his vehicle emergency bag.

“I loved the small kit so much that I bought the large one for my vehicle. I haven’t had to use either one yet, but I wanted to get a first aid kit for my SUV just in case. I drive out of town and go hiking. I like that it has an emergency blanket, and I was really impressed that the owners of this company took the time to send a handwritten thank-you note. Really nice touch!

I like that there are little zip bags for personal medication as well. I filled a couple of them with my daily scripts just in case. You do have to buy things like burn gel, Neosporin, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Pepto, etc., but I’m ok with that. The cost was minimal. A lot of it I bought in travel size and just threw them in the kits. I liked that I was able to register my kits and got a free mini flashlight, which was really good quality for a mini and a free small tourniquet. Other than that, I would still give it 5 stars! A+ and so on. Thanks to the owners for the handwritten thank you! Very rare (IMO) to see that from a company!”

Make your road trips stress-free with Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit. Get one now by clicking here. Limited stocks available, so hurry!

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