Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Preferred By Retired Paramedic for Outdoor Safety Needs

Leading First Aid Kit from Surviveware Recognized as Ideal Emergency and Outdoor Safety Pack

Paramedics are on the front line of responding to medical emergencies. Thus they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of first aid kits. It is vital that paramedics have first aid kits that cover an extensive array of injuries and wounds.

Surviveware, the trusted company of many hikers, campers, and adventurers, has released an expanded first aid kit that fits the active lifestyle of paramedics: the Large First Aid Kit. This first aid kit has made a significant impact on individuals who need a more dynamic and thorough package to fit their preferences.

The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit contains many features that suit the lifestyle of outdoorsmen. For one, this expanded pack is water-resistant. Exploring the great outdoors can expose kit owners to blustery, rainy weather. Thus, it’s essential that adventure-seekers have packs that can keep up with their travel needs. This large first aid pack is made from 600D polyester fabric that provides maximum protection to the provisions stored inside the bag.

The kit’s labeled compartments systematically segregate and categorize the supplies by their use. The labels also help kit users to identify the items while rushing to retrieve supplies in an emergency.

Surviveware’s expanded first aid pack contains 200 life-saving essentials that can sustain large groups and teams. More than just a handful of adhesive bandages, this large first aid pack holds an extensive assortment of provisions, such as medical-grade trauma shears, triangular bandages, nitrile gloves, hydrogels, and a CPR kit. Despite having a fully stock of supplies, the package still has enough space for personal items like heating pads, prescription medication, multi-tools, and fire starters.

A retired paramedic shared how impressed he is with this kit in a review on Amazon.

“As a retired Paramedic, I found this to be one of the most well thought out, inclusive of much-needed items, and best organized first aid kits. It allows for the addition of personalized medications, i.e., OTC vs. other medicines. There is an offer for a CAT Tourniquet which was a great surprise. I purchased it for friends and was awestruck by its contents. (I had to peek!)

I would highly recommend this to campers, hikers, outdoors folk and even for home kits. I am going to order more for presents. (I used to make these kits myself, but After seeing this product, no more, I cannot do any better than this kit for the money.) It even comes with a smaller pocket sized first aid kit. I wished I had thought of it.

Hope you never have to use it, but if you do, it will get the job done. The owners Amanda and her husband are very personable, down to earth and just nice folks to interact with.”

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