Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes Score 5/5 Stars in 600th Review

Amazon Favorite Biodegradable Wet Wipes Gain Positive Reviews from Customers

Surviveware, a leading adventure preparedness brand, proudly announces a new milestone in its hygiene care line - the Biodegradable Wet Wipes received its 600th Amazon review.

Surviveware is continuously making a name as a favorite hygiene brand for hikers, campers, hunters, fishers, sports enthusiasts, and fitness buffs. These wipes were even reviewed and recognized by several professional outdoorsmen as a hiking and camping must-have.

These wipes are a favorite brand among keen outdoorsmen due to their formulation. Each sheet is infused with a nourishing and hypoallergenic formula which keeps the skin moist and free from irritants. The wipes are meticulously tested and proven to be safe for babies and adults with sensitive skin. Moreover, these wipes are free from fragrance that may cause allergies and irritation. The scent-free formula also helps hikers, campers, and hunters remain free of unwanted attention from woodland creatures while staying clean and fresh despite being soaked with sweat and dirt.

Surviveware’s wipes are also larger compared to regular baby wipes on the market. The sheets measure 8” x 12” to cover a wider surface area when used to clean one’s body. Since the wipes are three times larger, an average-sized adult will only need one to two sheets to refresh the entire body (three to four if thoroughly muddied from the day’s adventures).

Amazon customers trust these wipes for their outdoor hygiene needs. In the following review written by a Surviveware customer, he shared why he keeps multiple packs inside his home.

“These are larger than the ever-present baby wipes so many of us take. They provide the ability to give myself a pretty thorough "dry bath" when camping where water is limited or unavailable. I have two packs set aside in the house because I have been through floods and hurricanes when the power went off for some days, the water supply was disrupted, and I was basically camping in at home.

After purchase you will probably get an email from the seller, they mention that for long term storage you should turn the packages once per month to prevent all the moisture from settling to the bottom of the package - very thoughtful and useful advice. I recommend you put these, in their bag, inside an appropriate zip lock type bag if you are going to travel with them, a little extra protection never hurts.”

Don’t settle for mediocre wipes that fail to meet your hygiene needs. Find out what makes Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes a BuzzFeed’s favorite must-have. These wipes are available on Amazon so take this chance to try them out.

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