Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes Recommended for Outdoor Adventures

Seasoned Outdoorsmen Impressed by Newest Product Release from Surviveware

Since the weight of one’s daypack can affect one's hiking speed and capacity, packing provisions requires thorough planning. Lightweight, multi-functional tools and supplies are always on the top of a hiker's checklist.

Surviveware’s newest product, 4-pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes, not only cleanse and refresh hikers and adventure seekers, but also work well when cleaning gear.

The newly released Surviveware wet wipes are an update in packaging to the popular 32-sheet pack. Surviveware now offers the wet wipes in a 4-pack, each containing 15 wipes, for a total of 60 wipes. The wipes are loaded with a hypoallergenic formula that's safe even for babies and those with sensitive skin. In addition, Surviveware infused the wipes with natural ingredients like aloe and vitamin E that nourish the skin during each cleansing. The wipes leave a thin layer of moisture on the skin which dries nicely and leaves it feeling cool, but not sticky, after each use.

A favored feature of these bathing wipes is the scent-free formula. Unlike normal baby and hygiene wipes, they are free from scents or odors that can attract pests and critters.

Surviveware's wet wipes are sought for their size and durability. Each sheet measures 8" x 12" which is enough to freshen most. The wet wipes are made from biodegradable, soft material that is durable and can withstand heavy rubbing. As they are biodegradable, one needn’t worry about leaving a trace - they begin to decompose within 28 days after burial or composting.

A long-time Surviveware customer expressed his excitement at the new sized packaging of the wet wipes in an Amazon review,

"This is what we've been waiting for---the larger, more durable field wipes in a resealable packet sized for daypacks, GOOD bags, and compact bug-out-bags! Thank you, Surviveware, for listening to your customers. I've used Surviveware wipes for a few months now on a regular basis and find them totally satisfactory for home and field. And the barn too. They stretch instead of tearing, are suitably wet instead of sopping, they don't dry out in the package, and most importantly they don't stink like a perfume shop. I can't imagine anyone being bothered by the non-scent of these wipes. They burn quickly as well. I'll be purchasing more of these smaller packs in the future."

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