Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes Brighten up Annual Camping Festival

Surviveware Wet Wipes Provide Hygiene Solution for Muddy Festival

The season for music festivals is here, with days of muddy dancing and nights spent camping; sing-alongs to long-time favorite bands and jamming out to new ones; striking up new friendships and bonding with best friends. The other side of festivals is jam-packed bathrooms, sweltering hot afternoons, and long, sweaty evenings. After a long day and night of jamming under the hot sun, it helps to freshen up before settling in for the night. Having a pack of wet wipes can get the job done and provide you comfort after a long day.

Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes, a BuzzFeed favorite product, has struck a chord among the music and camping festival scene. One of the favorite features of this hygiene product is its hypoallergenic formulation. Each sheet is soaked in a moisture-enriched formula that’s free from skin-drying alcohol.

These freshening wipes are 30% larger than the average baby wipe. Moreover, unlike other wipes that easily tear and leave lint, these are strong and can withstand heavy scrubbing.

Users love that these no-rinse wipes are scent-free. Not all are a fan of powdery and flowery fragrances, and some have allergies to perfumed products. The wipes do not leave any sticky residue on the skin, perfect for humid days.

The Surviveware wet wipes have proven useful in cooling down and freshening up after a whole day of dancing and sweating. The wipes have become a staple for festies and campers. Surviveware customer, Holly, shared her experience using the biodegradable wipes during a recent festival:

“I used these for a three-day camping festival! The showers were always packed and cost money, so to save time and energy, my friend and I used these to clean up after a day of dancing and sweating. These freshened us up beautifully, had no residue, and were great! I used about 3 for my whole body as there was a lot of mud at this festival, but it wiped all the grime right off! Will buy again!”

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