Surviveware 72-Hour Emergency Backpack Impresses Military Customer

Surviveware Responder Backpack Earns Respect of Army Soldier

Disasters cause unwanted disturbances in life. Access to basic commodities such as shelter, food, water, and communication is often cut-off, which leads to the disruption of one’s normal functions and lifestyle. Living in hazard-prone areas requires one to have basic emergency measures in place. It’s important to invest in emergency and survival gear.

Surviveware, a leading online retailer of preparedness and adventure gear, has launched its latest innovation in adventure preparedness, the 72-Hour Survival Backpack. This newest take on emergency preparedness has easily increased the resiliency and readiness of an individual.

This emergency preparedness survival backpack contains enough supplies for two people to survive the first 72 hours after a disaster. The first three days are the most critical since everything has been thrown into chaos, and medical help might take time before it arrives. Thus, it’s important to have sufficient provisions.

The 72-Hour Survival Backpack comes with two sets of food rations and water packets good for three days. It also contains personal items like N95 dust masks, goggles, female hygiene products, and an emergency whistle. Survival gear such as waterproof matches, a tourniquet, emergency sleeping bag, splint, waterproof matches, hand-cranked radio, reflective paracord, cable ties, and snap lights are included in the backpack. To further enhance one’s survival capabilities, Surviveware added its own portable Small First Aid Kit, Outdoor Duct Tape, and Biodegradable Wet Wipes into the Survival Backpack.

The survival backpack boasts an organized and systematic structure present in all Surviveware first aid and survival kits. A thorough look shows the great attention to detail that the company poured into creating this pack. Each backpack comes with labeled and color-coded pouches that keep the provisions in place. With this feature, the supplies won’t topple down and create a messy pile of emergency provisions. Moreover, these signature compartments make it easier to retrieve and replenish items when called for.

Apart from these structured compartments, Surviveware also incorporated GridNet technology into this emergency preparedness survival backpack. With a stretch band and intertwined straps, these features make it possible to open the pack 180 degrees without spilling the contents. With the provisions in place, owners have the liberty of customizing their packs and adding provisions deemed necessary during emergencies.

The importance of having a fully functional emergency backpack was highlighted in the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer. The customer, who is in the Army, shared his thoughts about the Surviveware Survival Backpack:

“I am in the army, so one thing I noticed was that the bag is a bit heavy like a ruck sack but like a rucksack once you put on the back pack it feels surprisingly light, the weight distribution is perfect.

Another thing I noticed is that in the army we are told to train like we fight well one important aspect of that preparation is organization, the attention to detail really blew me away, each item is clearly labeled and easily accessible. The grid system on the inside front of the back is really clever, they also give you an example of how to store your item i.e. knife, paracord, matches which I found really cool.”

The experts have spoken. Level-up your outdoor and emergency preparedness with a reliable survival backpack. Get your 72-Hour Survival Backpack today by clicking here.

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