Surviveware 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes Recommended for Pandemic Preparation

Surviveware’s Travel-Size Wet Wipes Hailed as Multipurpose Necessity

In current times, compromising on hygiene is not something people are willing to do, so the recent shortage of paper items has led many to search for alternative hygiene products. Online shoppers are turning to reliable bathing wipes, such as Surviveware's Biodegradable Wet Wipes.

To give adventurers, athletes, and households the convenience of portable bathing wipes, Surviveware released the 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes. Each of the four pouches contains 15 moisture-enriched body cleaning wipes. Since these cloth wipes come in four resealable packs, users have control over the number of wipes that they can bring on an outing.

Surviveware's line of body cleaning wipes is a proven game-changer for many backcountry explorers, and now for responsible citizens looking to uphold hygiene and sanitation recommendations. The wipes are saturated with a hypoallergenic formulation that effectively cleanses the skin while keeping it moisturized. Because the wipes are free from harsh chemicals, the skin retains its natural oils. Moreover, with zero alcohol, prolonged use of these bathing wipes won't dry or irritate the skin. Each sheet measures 8" x 12," which is 30% larger than regular baby wipes, making the sheets an economical choice for those who need to freshen up.

Users love the durability of Surviveware's bathing wipes offers. The sheets are made from soft, durable cloth that won't easily tear during use. As these body cleaning wipes are made of 100% biodegradable material, users need not worry about their environmental footprint. The wipes begin to decompose within 28 days after use and completely decompose within 8-12 months, which is far shorter than the hundreds of years that regular wet wipes take to decompose.

Amazon customers are raving about the efficiency, convenience, and cleanliness that Surviveware's biodegradable wet wipes offer. One avid camper and fitness enthusiast shared the following review about his experience with the wet wipes during the pandemic:

"I purchased these on a whim while searching for the now-famous "missing toilet paper." Definitely something good to have on hand during power outages, which cause pumps to stop. Great for quick bathing in between regular baths and camping. I've used mine after workouts. Large enough to bathe. I like the thought of not only feeling clean after using these but actually being clean. Highly recommend. Scent is nice but not overwhelming."

Don't let hygiene worries impede your summer pandemic plans by purchasing these hygiene wipes for outdoor use. Grab Surviveware's 4-Pack Biodegradable Wet Wipes today by clicking here.

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