Survival Warehouse Introduce Range Of Freeze Dried Fruit For Those Preparing For The Worst

Doomsday preppers must prioritize survival food that is rich in nutritional properties, insist Survival Warehouse.

Whether going on a camping trip, climbing foreign peaks or getting ready for the end of the civilized world, survival rations form an essential component of preparedness. However, the fashion for these products has seen them lean toward luxury goods and novelty, forgoing the basic principles of survival food of keeping the body healthy. Survival Warehouse has introduced extensive lines of nutritious rations from Survival Cave.

Survival Warehouse now offers Survival Cave Food’s new line of Freeze Dried Fruits. Promising to be a great addition to any survival or long term food storage program, Survival Warehouse has fruit buckets in stock and ready for fast, free shipping anywhere in the United States.

The freeze dried fruits promise to last for twenty years or more when stored in a cool area and come in resealable pouches that will keep them fresh and edible for a full twelve months after opening.

In addition to Survival Cave’s fruit line, Survival Warehouse now also stock Survival Cave canned meats. Pressure cooked at 240 degrees while in the can, the meat can last twelve to fifteen years, with no additives or fillers, promising to be high in protein and low in fat, while still rich in flavor, using the best cuts of meat to prepare the tins.

Combination multipacks of fruits, meats and other Survival Cave freeze dried food can also be purchased from Survival Warehouse, including packs for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and beverages.

A spokesperson for Survival Warehouse explained, “Some people are terrified about the fall of civilization and frankly, some are excited for it. There are plenty of reasons for people to prepare for disaster, but those preparations must include a level head about what the body needs to survive, especially for those without a hunter gatherer skillset, which these days is almost everybody. These supplies are essential to keep people going as they adapt to whatever comes next.”

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