Survival Frog LLC Unveils New & Improved Emergency Solar Air Lantern

The hub of survival kits, accessories and gadgets online, Survival Frog LLC has released a new emergency survival accessory "Solar Air Lantern" that people can pick up at affordable prices with 180 days return policy.

Survival Frog LLC has released their newest product called the “Solar Air Lantern”. It is an emergency lighting accessory that can be easily inflated to give light to the room. The newly unveiled Solar Lantern has been created for extra durability with a unique design that is ensures that people get to spend less money on electricity expenses. Those interested in getting the solar air lantern are assured of enjoying hours of bright uninterrupted ambient light.

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According to the creators, Solar Air Lantern is lightweight, rechargeable, waterproof, and shatterproof and uses no wires or batteries, which invariably enhances its portability. The product is said to be quite easy to use with a lot of uses as well. Also, it has been designed to give up to 12 hours of light on a single solar charge with retained charge for 3 years if inactive.

Survival Frog as an online store front offers interested buyers incredible discount deals for more than one purchase of the solar air lantern. In addition to a couple of bonus packages, prospective buyers are assured of the fact that the product sets a mark as one of the most essential survival accessories that they could ever get.

Dubbed by its creators as the 'Amazing' Solar Air Lantern, it is undoubtedly one of the foremost low maintenance products available on survival Frog LLC. Some of its technical specs include:
• High-efficient built-in solar panel
• 10 Powerful LEDs giving 80 Lumens
• Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery, etc.

The Solar Air Lantern is an all rights reserved product of the Survival Frog Enterprise. Shipment costs for the delivery of the product is to be duly arranged. And a 90 day money back guarantee refund policy has been set in place. It ensures that anyone interested in the purchase of the product can have a do so without doubts.

Those with a desire to know more of the specs, pros and cons that comes with the Solar Air Lantern can do so by visiting the official website of the product given below.

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Survival Frog LLC guarantee low-price and 180 days return policy on emergency solar air lantern make it a great source for every survivalist to get emergency survival kits.

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