Survival Artist Offers Prepping Consultations

Survival Artist Offers Prepping Consultations

If you ask a dozen different so-called preppers the first thing to do to start walking down the proverbial prepper’s path, it would probably entail a dozen different answers. None of which would be wrong, per se, but all of them likely pass over the one, singular step that any person needs to take before identifying themselves as a prepper. It’s the mindset.

Survival Artist offers preparatory sessions into the Prepper Mindset. How to begin the process of understanding the mindset that comes when an emergency strikes.

There are innumerable disaster events whether it’s, the Y2K scare, the Yellowstone Super Volcano scare, the solar flare scare, the big earthquake, or the invasion from ISIS are all big “disaster events”. Prepping for any one of these singular events and the prepping plan starts from the wrong place. All these events come and go – if they come at all.

Prepping isn’t preparing for something specific, it’s preparing for the unexpected one of any thousand unexpecteds. Prepping is looking around and asking, what to do if the water doesn’t run or if the power goes out. Prepping is asking if the lights went out, where to get backups, what to do and what gear to use.

Prepping is planning for the basics of survival so no matter what happens, when times get rough - there is a plan B. Prepping is a journey, not a destination, and it all starts with the Prepper Mindset.

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Survival Artist seeks to spread simple living. The editor Bram grew up immersed in the Survival Prepping lifestyle and now spends his time writing about what he has learned. The team at Survival Artist consists of Nicholl Carlow, a Canadian reforestation expert; Philbert Kingly, an English Anthropologist; and Julius Blair, an expedition leader from South Africa.

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