Surrokko Pens Incorporates New Zealand Design and Engineering to Introduce the World’s Finest Everyday Pen

Live on Kickstarter, Surrokko Pens are high quality, precision engineered Rollerball and Fountain Pens designed and made in New Zealand.

Surrokko Pen, the world’s finest everyday rollerball and fountain pen, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign is already a success story having reached their raise goal in under a week.

In today’s world, finding a great pen can be an almost impossible feat. A solid pen is something every person should possess and Surrokko has created a statement pen that aims to reflect the user’s beliefs and what they are doing with their life.

“I used to be in the military and we had a saying that ‘every good soldier always carries a pen.’ When I started working in the corporate world I needed to buy a suitable pen. After looking for a while I found that my options were limited. There are basically only cheap plastic disposable pens and very expensive brands,” says co-founder Damon Kostidis on the inspiration behind the project. “When I couldn't find one that reflected who I am then I figured that other people were also in the same position. So, I decided that I would make my own and this is when I was introduced to Paul and we began working on bringing this project to life.”

Surrokko is a pen that aims to combine style and function with engineering. It was born out of this philosophy and approach to life. The fountain and rollerball pen have been built for versatility, practicality and they are suitable for all occasions. It all arrives stored in a carefully designed packaging case that will look great on any desk.

The Surrokko Pen has been designed so the user can experience each sensation as they move it around in their hand— from the sound that the cap makes as it locks into place, to the weight and solidity while thinking and tapping it, to the power when using it as a pointer while presenting. It is a pen designed for comfort when sketching but also to mark the important moments in life such as signing a major business deal or purchasing a house.
Surrokko pens are manufactured to the highest standards in New Zealand and are backed with a lifetime guarantee. The pen is finished in a matte deep black ceramic anodizing solution while the body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for an unmatched tactile experience. The pen is perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity for effortless writing and control.

“We set out to focus on design innovation and material innovation. We realized that trying to copy the existing brands was exactly what we were trying to get away from. Instead, we wanted to reimagine people coming back to writing with a pen and using it as one of their daily work tools, just like we do,” says Paul Guinibert. “We wanted the pen to be memorable by being striking in its appearance and to also enhance or sweeten whatever moment you are in. We also wanted it to be very functional but luxurious at the same time and we believe that we have achieved a great mix of that.”

Surrokko Pens is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Surrokko

Surrokko is a New Zealand company that designs and produces high quality, precision engineered, functional luxury writing instruments. The distinct Rollerball and Fountain Pens are made to reflect the style and needs of conscientious customers including limiting the environmental impact of disposable plastic pens. The Surrokko team has also focussed obsessively on the ‘feel’ and overall experience of using the pens, beyond just smooth writing. This supports the motto that surrokko pens are crafted to help you write your story, your way.

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