Surf the City with ROOBSTER, The World’s First Electric Scooter with No Handlebar

Live on Indiegogo, ROOBSTER combines sleek style and modern tech for a truly unique riding experience.

ROOBSTER, the world’s first electric scooter without a handlebar, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Taking the portability of a skateboard and merging it with the ride-ability of a scooter, ROOBSTER is an all new transportation device in a category of its own. Fun, stylish and slender, the all new ROOBSTER promises to revolutionize the way people ride and commute in cities worldwide.

“When e-scooters were first introduced I was instantly intrigued and thought the idea would dramatically change urban transportation for the better once the device started to improve with better and sleeker designs. But after several years each iteration of devices has remained bulky and unattractive. Is is clear to me that the development of these products are not driven by industrial designers with an eye for taste, but rather nuts and bolts engineers. It was from there that I got started on the ROOBSTER,” says founder and CEO Daniel Hugentobler on the inspiration behind the project.

ROOBSTER's hands free control is one of a kind. The patented front wheel technology lets users balance and steer the ROOBSTER using their weight to tilt the board in either direction. Speed is controlled over two weight sensors on the platform. To accelerate, users lean forwards; to slow down or break, they lean backwards. Taken together, riding a ROOBSTER provides a sensational experience not unlike surfing.

The ROOBSTER weighs a lightweight 16 pounds making it one of the lightest scooters on the market. With a range of 10 miles, a top speed of 16mph and an incredibly short recharging time of only 2 hours— it stands to become the definitive transportation choice for business and pleasure.

“The ROOBSTER brings all the same benefits of other e-mobility gadgets and takes it up a notch with unmatched portability. By not having to collapse it, the ROOBSTER remains slender and can easily be pulled like a trolley. This makes the ROOBSTER the go-to-choice for any everyday urban transportation needs,” adds Hugentobler. “There is one last important distinction. All these devices on the market always claim that they are so easy to ride and learn that ‘even your grandma could do it.’ When I hear this, I imagine with all due respect, why would I want to ride something that my grandmother could? Everyone who is able to master the ROOBSTER should be proud of the device they’re riding. When it comes to design and style, the ROOBSTER is the definitive transportation device you’ll want to see, and be seen with.”

ROOBSTER is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:


Founded in 2018, ROOBSTER AG is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles for the urban and sub-urban commuter. The underlying principles that guide development are focused on fun, style and portability in the urban setting. ROOBSTER AG is based in Solothurn, Switzerland and holds one patent for a newly developed steering mechanism.

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