Supreme Dental Concepts Announces Arrival of Fastbraces to New Zealand

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Fastbraces is a new system for making major dental alignment corrections without the drawbacks of traditional braces, reports Supreme Dental Concepts.

Supreme Dental Concepts, a Wellington dentist, today announced the arrival of Fastbraces to the New Zealand area. This opens up an exciting new option for those whose misalignment problems may be too big to be handled by Invisalign Wellington, but who have shied away from getting traditional braces because of the difficulties associated with the usual method.

"Before Fastbraces, someone who couldn't use Invisalign was usually limited to getting traditional braces to provide the necessary force to get the job done. Traditional braces can take up to three years to work, and then a retainer must be worn for hours every day for months after that. Even worse, many people find traditional braces to be painful." said N. Vithal of Supreme Dental Concepts. "Fastbraces eliminates most of the problems associated with the traditional variety."

As their name implies, Fastbraces' main promise is to cut the amount of time they need to be worn. According to Supreme Dental Concepts, traditional braces move teeth in two stages: First the crowns are moved into position, and then treatment shifts to the roots. Fastbraces, on the other hand, move the teeth all at once. This is because of their triangular brackets, which distribute forces more evenly throughout the teeth.

"Fastbraces also eliminate the need for extractions in most cases," Vithal said. "With regular braces, it's common for some teeth to have to be taken out. This is very rare with the Fastbraces system. Another benefit of Fastbraces is pain reduction. The system reduces friction between teeth and pressure between the front and back teeth. This makes them much more comfortable to wear."

The new system's speed doesn't end when the braces are taken off. With traditional braces, retainers must be worn for hours every day for months on end. Fastbraces promises that retainers will only need to be worn for a few minutes each day, and only for a few months in some cases.

"We're tremendously excited to be able to offer Wellington Fastbraces," said Vithal. "This advanced system allows braces to be used for people who otherwise would never have considered having their teeth straightened. The treatment is far simpler and faster than the traditional variety, and it gives patients the speedy results they are looking for. The ability to use it without doing extractions is another big benefit from the patient's viewpoint. Only in rare cases will a tooth need to be taken out to make room for the others to line up correctly."

About Supreme Dental Concepts

Supreme Dental Concepts ( is a Wellington, New Zealand-based orthodontist and dentist. The office offers Fastbraces, Invisalign, and traditional braces to straighten teeth. They also offer cosmetic dentistry such as bonding and teeth whitening, dental implants, and general dentistry. This makes Supreme Dental Concepts a true one-stop provider for all dental needs.

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