Supremasea’s New Body Scrub Exfoliator to Take Care of All Skin Types

Supremasea’s latest formulation, the Thermalabs Body Scrub Exfoliator, will work for all skin types.

Supremasea has just announced that their new body scrub exfoliator will work on all skin types. This is great news especially for users who have been looking for products that are effective on all skin types, and that are designed for both men and women. Although still in the works, Supremasea has revealed that its research and production department is finalizing on the product’s formulation. It’s expected that the new body scrub exfoliator will provide much more than what the current products in the market provide, thus changing the game in the exfoliation niche.
Supremasea is a Dead Sea private collection by Thermalabs. Launched some few weeks ago by the New York-based cosmetics leader, Supremasea will ride on its parent’s company success to furnish the market with a wide range of top-notch products based on Dead Sea salts and minerals. This is another attempt by Thermalabs to expand its already massive market base by addressing specific user needs, and tapping squarely into the foundations of a highly competitive cosmetics industry.

The first formulation to be announced under the new brand was a tan enhancer that’s still in the final stages of production. Apparently, this lotion will be available in in the coming days. It’s equipped with a premium pack of ingredients for deep moisturizing and protecting the skin from cancer-causing free radicals. Supremasea announced the body scrub exfoliator earlier this week. This product is essentially a combination of microscopic grains of Dead Sea salts and minerals and essential oils that have known benefits for the skin. Some of its top-notch ingredients include sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, and calendula oil, among many others. The exfoliator will help remove dead cells from the outer layers of the skin, as well as stimulate and rejuvenate the skin with a mild fragrance. The product is a perfect way to soften and clean the skin.

Kristina Meyers, the Supremasea brand manager, said, “The entire Supremasea team has been working round the clock to make this particular product a reality. The beauty industry is no easy ground for companies looking to make an easy dollar. From the very start, Thermalabs approach has been valued for money. Supremasea was launched in order to introduce a new range of quality products to the company’s already extensive portfolio. Users can now take advantage of the benefits of Dead Sea minerals and salts towards making their skin healthier and more attractive. Soon, our production team will finalize the formulation for a Tan Enhancer product and a Body Scrub Exfoliator. These products feature premium ingredients, fortified with microscopic granules of Dead Sea salts and minerals, as well as essential oils whose skin care benefits have been known for decades. There’s no end to your options. Stay tuned to Supremasea, more coming soon.”

Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin-cancer free world. The company already contributes 10% of their profits to charity, including educational missions that are committed to finding a cure for cancer, and non-profits that increase awareness on cancer.

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