Supremasea’s First Product, Tan Enhancer, Launches

Thermalabs has launched the first ever product under its new brand, Supremasea.

Thermalabs, a company that became popular due to its top-notch formulations in the cosmetics industry has launched the first-ever product under its recently announced Supremasea brand. Supremasea is Thermalabs Dead Sea Private Collection, and will be responsible for formulating products that are based on Dead Sea salts and minerals. Since Thermalabs introduced Supremasea, the young brand has been working round the clock to fill the shoes of its parent company.

Thermalabs was launched about 2 years ago in an event held in the city of New York. Although an American company, Thermalabs is owned by an innovative team of young Israelis. That’s probably why the company’s main production facility is located in Israel, where teams of skin care experts and researchers are consistently working on creating new formulations in line with the company’s commitment to a cancer-free world.

Thermalabs is dedicated to inventing products that help reduce cases of skin cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that there are over 3 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the US alone. Many of these cases can be attributed to excessively exposing the skin to the sunlight, which emits dangerous Ultra Violet radiation. Following this, a lot of responsible companies and skin care nonprofits have been running awareness campaigns to discourage sun-based tanning and other practices that possibly contribute to skin cancer. Thermalabs is one of the key companies that are at the forefront of this campaign. All their formulations are highly organic and natural. For instance, Thermalabs pilot product, the Natural Self Tanner, is 70% organic and 97% natural. It uses premium ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, and Aloe Leaf Juice, among many others.

Thermalabs launched Supremasea to boost its inventory of premium products for the cosmetics market. The Dead Sea is known to be one of the saltiest lakes in the world, containing tens of thousands of different types of salts. At least 12 salts found in this lake cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Over decades, scientists have established that Dead Sea salts and minerals have multiple benefits to the human skin and body. By taking advantage of these salts, and combining them with other quality ingredients such as essential oils whose benefits to the human skin are already known, Supremasea has the core tools it needs to live up to Thermalabs quality standards.

Tan Enhancer is so far the only product that has been launched under the new brand. The product is an innovative formula that’s combined with a unique blend of Shea Butter and protective Vitamin E to shield your skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. According to Kristina Meyers, Supremasea brand manager, the new product was designed for users who are looking for that glistening glow after a tan. By applying this product, tanning buffs do not have to worry about re-applying their tan every few hours. The tan enhancer is applied daily after exposure to the sun or at least 4 hours following the application of a Thermalabs self-tanner.

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