Supremasea’s Body Scrub Exfoliator to Sell Exclusively on Amazon

Supremasea’s recently announced product, a Body Scrub Exfoliator, will sell exclusively on

Supremasea has stated that their recently announced product, Thermalabs Body Scrub Exfoliator, will sell exclusively on Amazon is the world’s number 1 online retail marketplace and provides a platform for brands to reach the global market. This move was not expected. Some few weeks ago, Supremasea also announced that its pilot product, the Tan Enhancer, would retail exclusively through the platform. The brand hopes to ride on the existing marketplace infrastructure that Amazon provides to make their products easily available. This is not to say that the company will never sell its products through other mediums later on.

Supremasea is a brand by Thermalabs, a New York-based company that has become increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry, mostly due to its production of top quality products. Thermalabs was launched barely 2 years ago but managed to scale from 0 to 50, 000 customers within just its first 12 months. For a company that’s less than 5 years old, this is considered a significant milestone. As awareness increases against sun-based tanning, Thermalabs has been able to fill the space by providing a portfolio of high-quality self-tanning products. The American Cancer Society estimates that there are over 3 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year. A good number of these diagnoses can be attributed to excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Since Thermalabs products are based on natural and organic ingredients, they provide a healthy alternative to sun-baking.

The Supremasea brand is riding on Thermalabs record reputation for quality and consistency to furnish the market with a wide range of products based on Dead Sea minerals. Indeed, Dead Sea salts are known to be immensely beneficial to the human body. Scientists have established that some minerals found in Dead Sea salt can calm the nervous system, and increase immunity. Calcium, one of the key minerals found in Dead Sea salt, prevents water retention in the body. It also increases blood circulation and strengthens bones. Sodium is a very common mineral that maintains fluid balance in the lymphatic fluid. Potassium is important because it energizes the body and replenishes the skin following intense exercise. It also balances skin moisture. By taking in Dead Sea salts, you can replenish key minerals in your body and as well enhance skin metabolism.

Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free society. The company goes out of its way to make sure that all its products are formulated and produced within the confines of health. Thermalabs already sets aside a percentage of their profit for charity. This money goes to funding cancer research and funding nonprofit organizations that create cancer awareness.

Kristina Meyers, Supremasea brand manager, said, “Formulations activities for the tan enhancer and the Body scrub exfoliator are almost reaching a conclusion. After this, the production team will take over and produce the first batch over there at the company’s factory in Israel. Like the tan enhancer, the Body Scrub will enter the market exclusively through Amazon, our long-time go-to-market solution.”

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