SUPREMASEA, Thermalabs New Dead Sea Private Collection

Supremasea is a new brand by one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies.

Thermalabs has announced the launch of a new brand that will focus exclusively on Dead Sea mineral-based products. Going by the name Supremasea, the new brand is part of the companies effort to scale its operations serve an increasingly diverse beauty market. Thermalabs is a world-leading cosmetics company that became known due to their top-notch formulas for organic self-tanning. The company was launched barely two years ago in New York, but has so far managed to offset barriers to entry and curve a niche for itself in a traditionally over-competitive industry. Thermalabs new brand will work parallel to the company’s existing operations, supplying the company’s already happy user base with a new line of products that they can use to enhance the health and appeal of their skin.

Thermalabs production team is finalizing efforts for the new brand at the company’s production facility in Israel. The new brand announcement follows the company’s release of the Protectan, an antiaging sunscreen product that has been received extremely well by the market. Supremasea will add to Thermalabs already extensive product portfolio as well as give the New York startup a new channel to drive revenues through the provision of a high quality product.
Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin-cancer free world. The company aims to provide the beauty industry with a range of healthy and effective self tanners. So far, Thermalabs has managed to offset traditional barriers to entry and curve a niche for itself in the market. The company’s organic self tanners are formulated from highly organic and natural ingredients. For instance, the company’s launch product, the Natural Self Tanner, was made from 97% natural and 70% organic ingredients. This natural and organic approach is indisputably one of the reasons why Thermalabs has managed to perform so well in the market barely two years after inception. The company also runs awareness campaigns against skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Foundation, there are over 3.4 million cases of skin cancer in the United State alone, every year. A significant deal of these cases can be attributed to sun-based tanning, which leads to excessive exposure of the skin to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Thermalabs products are designed to eliminate sun-based tanning by providing an attractive and sexy tan within the confines of healthy.

Supremasea will ride on the well-known benefits of Dead Sea minerals to roll out a number of premium skin care products. The Dead Sea is home to over 11 minerals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In total, this outstanding natural resources contains 21 essential minerals that can be translated to immense benefits for the human body and skin. Thermalabs new brand, Supremasea, will use these unique minerals to make premium products for the company’s existing and new markets. One of the products that have already been formulated under this new brand is a body and face care product going by the name tan enhancer. As the company moves forward, it’ll be interesting to see how the new brand, as well as its products, will be received in the market.

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