Supremasea Body Scrub Exfoliator Formula Almost Ready

Thermalabs Supremasea brand is finalizing plans on their Body Scrub Exfoliator product.

Supremasea has revealed that their research and production department is finalizing the formulation for their recently announced product, the Thermalabs Body Scrub Exfoliator. Supremasea is a new brand by Thermalabs that focuses exclusively on Dead Sea mineral based products. According to the brand manager, Kristina Meyers, the new product will be a game changer in the cosmetics industry. The formulation for this particular exfoliator combines micro granules of Dead Sea minerals and top-rated essential minerals that have known benefits for the human skin.

Thermalabs, the company behind Supremasea became popular in the cosmetics industry due to their high-quality formulations. Thermalabs was established 2 years ago by a team of young innovators in New York. Barely 12 months since inception, the company had already risen from zero to 50, 000 customers. Anything above 5, 000 in the first year is considered a tremendous achievement in the overly competitive beauty industry. Customers tend to be pegged to existing brands, and it’s usually difficult for entrant companies to unhook this loyalty unless they have something incredible to offer. Thermalabs has released over 10 products so far, giving their customers a wide range of options to choose from.

A few days following its launch earlier last month, Supremasea revealed their first formulation – a product called Tan Enhancer that would be applied after a tan. This product would fill a market gap by providing tanning buffs with a moisturizing lotion so they wouldn’t need to reapply their tan after every few hours. In addition to its moisturizing benefits, the tan enhancer also protected the skin from the free radicals, which have been known to cause cancer.
Supremasea’s Body Scrub Exfoliator is made with the finest ingredients. The product’s formulation seems to be taking the exfoliation game a notch higher. The company has designed the product to work for all skin types, regardless of age or gender. Supremasea’s exfoliator will help remove dead cells from the outer layer of the skin. By scrubbing and cleansing using this product, users will be able to soften, stimulate and renew their skin. The product also features a mild fragrance that gives the skin a pleasant smell.

When contacted for comment on the new product, Ms. Meyers said, “Yes, Supremasea is finalizing its formulation on the Thermalabs Body Scrub Exfoliator. This product is designed to work with all skin types. The company wants to make sure that they cover all users when it comes to the new generation of exfoliation. At Thermalabs, and now Supremasea, the two main concerns have always been health and efficiency. If there’s a cosmetic product that can be made efficiently and within the confines of health to make your life easy, have it in mind that Thermalabs will make it one day. Thermalabs Body Scrub lotion eliminates dead cells from the skin’s top layer and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. It is the perfect way to reenergize, renew and stimulate your skin. More so, you get an awesome fragrance as a desirable after-effect. Thermalabs customers will be seeing this product in major e-commerce platforms shortly.”

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