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New DHEA supplement contains no artificial additives, is produced in strictly controlled, FDA-certified facility and represents best value on the market, Superior Labs reports

Superior Labs announced the launch of the company's new DHEA supplement and the product's immediate availability through Unlike most competing products, the new Superior Labs DHEA supplement contains no unnatural ingredients, ensuring that users will enjoy the greatest possible safety and purity. Superior Labs is a leading manufacturer of supplements with a long record of insisting on the most rigorous manufacturing standards and quality of product, a commitment that has made it a favorite of informed, demanding customers everywhere.

"We're excited to announce that our new DHEA supplement has been released and is now available through Amazon," Superior Labs representative Christie Owens said, "This is an important day for those interested in the benefits that DHEA can bring, because our new product raises the bar for safety, purity, and overall quality, just like the rest of our popular offerings."

The hormone dehydroepiandrosterone, typically abbreviated as "DHEA," is one of the most common in the human body. It does not itself directly affect the body's functioning to a great extent, but it is a critical component in the production of the hormones estrogen and testosterone.

DHEA production in the body typically peaks at somewhere around 22 years of age, after which it tails off steadily with the advancing years. Because dhea is an important ingredient in the creation of both estrogen and testosterone, some suspect that declining supplies may contribute directly to the lowered levels of these hormones that all people experience as they grow older.

Superior Labs new DHEA product is aimed at those who are interested in supplementing their bodies' own levels of the substance. As with all superior labs supplements the new product is made in United States-based, FDA-certified manufacturing facilities that comply fully with the latest Current Good Manufacturing Practices standards laid down by that organization. The supplement also contains nothing in the way of potentially dangerous, unnatural substances like silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, and magnesium stearate that are often found in competing brands.

Despite being the purest and safest DHEA supplement on the market, the new Superior Labs product is also among the most affordable. The 120 dhea 100mg capsules that are included in each package represent a highly economical, long-lasting supply of the hormone at a powerful dosage. Customers also enjoy the security of Superior Labs' exclusive, no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee, an industry-leading assurance that is a sign of the company's strong confidence in its high-quality product.

The new Superior Labs DHEA supplement is available immediately at With hundreds of reviews, Superior Labs maintains a virtually perfect rating in the Amazon Marketplace program and commits to delivering the best customer service available anywhere.

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