Super Plumbers Releases 12 New Coupons, Including $400 Discount on AC Installation

With weather in northern N.J. heating up comes rare opportunity to secure huge discount on top-quality central AC installation and other great services, Super Plumbers reports

Super Plumbers, northern New Jersey's most trusted plumbing, heating, and air conditioning service and installation company, announced the release of a new batch of valuable coupons at Among the highlights of the new coupons are one good for a discount of $400 off the company's already-low regular prices on the installation of a new central air-conditioning system, made possible through a brand-new partnership with the largest AC wholesaler in the northern part of the state. That offer will be highly popular as the weather heats up further this summer and is one of only a dozen great online coupons new Super Plumbers customers can now choose from.

"Whether for plumbing, heating, or air conditioning, receiving truly exceptional service does not have to mean paying high prices," Super Plumbers founder and owner Frank Maali said, "We take pride in making that point with our work every day. Our newly released online coupons make it even more affordable than usual for residents of northern New Jersey to see what has made Super Plumbers the top name in plumbing, heating, and AC in this wonderful part of the state."

Lying, as it does, only a short hop from the Mason-Dixon line that is traditionally taken to divide North from South on the East Coast, New Jersey frequently endures uncomfortably warm temperatures in the summertime. With high humidity an equally persistent threat, many residents of the state depend significantly on air conditioning throughout the summer months, whether that means self-contained, window-mounted boxes or highly capable central AC units.

Having built up an unbeatable record of delivering top-quality service to clients throughout northern New Jersey, Super Plumbers has become an important, much-appreciated ally to residents seeking relief from the heat. As with the company's plumbing and heating services, Super Plumbers offers 100% free estimates to those interested in the installation of central air conditioning equipment. This generous option gives people throughout northern New Jersey an easy, risk-free way to investigate this often-rewarding possibility, whether that means upgrading from a wall unit or replacing a central system that has arrived at the end of its useful life.

The new Super Plumbers online coupon good for a $400 discount on the installation of a new central AC system further sweetens the deal. With no overtime charges and low, predictable labor rates, Super Plumbers is already one of the most affordable AC installation services in northern New Jersey, so the new discount offer represents a truly special opportunity, particularly as the hottest days of summer edge closer. Those interested in the new central AC installation discount coupon or any of the other newly released special offers can find them at the Super Plumbers website, where further information about the company's top-quality air conditioning, plumbing, and heating installation, maintenance, and repair services is also available.

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