Sunwood Dental Launches Informative, Entertaining New Dental Health Series

Articles and infographics in new series will help visitors learn more about important dental health topics in enjoyable, engaging ways, Sunwood Dental reports

Sunwood Dental, a personal, highly regarded general dentistry practice, announced the launch of a new online series aimed at informing patients about a variety of the most common and important dental health issues. Employing a fun, casual perspective on dental issues, the new series will educate readers while entertaining them at the same time, ensuring that they will look forward to the next installment. The currently released entries in the new series are available for viewing at the Sunwood Dental website, where further information about the dental practice can also be found.

"We at Sunwood Dental are happy to announce that our website will be hosting a fun and informative series of new articles over the coming months," Sunwood Dental founder and resident dentist Dr. Rocky said, "and we think our patients and new friends are going to really enjoy reading and learning from them." A graduate of the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Dentistry program, Dr. Rocky has practiced general dentistry for more than forty years and is a skilled cosmetic dentist, as well. Over the course of that time, he has developed a reputation for providing the kind of caring, gentle, individualized attention that turns first-time patients into lifelong fans.

Dr. Rocky's desire to engage positively with and contribute to the dental and overall health of residents of North Delta and nearby places led him to establish Sunwood Dental more than twenty years ago. Unlike many other practices in the region, Sunwood Dental remains a determinedly welcoming and cozy place, an arrangement that allows Dr. Rocky to provide the most personalized, appropriate, and comfortable care for every patient.

Instead of the slick, overwhelming, corporate style of dental practice that many in the area have come to expect, an appointment at Sunwood Dental is a warmer, more enjoyable and productive experience. Staffed on the medical side only by Dr. Rocky and two highly skilled hygienists, Sunwood Dental differs in important and welcome ways from the noisy, assembly-line style dental practices that many have become used to.

Many devoted patients, in fact, volunteer that a visit to Dr. Rocky and the others at Sunwood Dental comes to feel like being with family. They expect and appreciate that Dr. Rocky and the Sunwood Dental hygienists will provide truly caring, involved dental services, a fact that has made the family dental center one of the most frequently recommended in the area.

The new online series will help to convey Sunwood Dental's unique character through the Internet, informing readers in pleasant, enjoyable ways that will have them looking forward to the next installment. Those interested in the series can read the first few entries at the Sunwood Dental site immediately, while others will follow shortly. Visitors to the site can also book appointments at Sunwood Dental, find directions, and read more about the range of services available at the practice.

About Sunwood Dental:
Located on 120th Street in North Delta, British Columbia, Sunwood Dental is one of the area's most personal and relaxing general dentistry practices. Led by Dr. Rocky, a graduate of UCB Dentistry with over 40 years of experience in general dentistry, Sunwood Dental provides top-quality dental services in a caring, low-stress environment.

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