Urges Homeowners To Save Energy With Vinyl Windows

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According to industry statistics, the amount of energy lost through doors and windows in the United States every year is approximately equivalent to all the energy obtained from the oil carried by the Alaska pipeline. With this startling statistic glaring at homeowners, Anton Frolov of has launched a campaign to make consumers aware of the alternative window types available to stop this massive energy loss.

According to Frolov, vinyl windows Edmonton are the best choice for cost-conscious homeowners. "Your choice of framing material goes a long way toward determining the longevity and energy of the total window system. Wood windows possess excellent thermal qualities, but are prone to weather deterioration and require staining or painting. Aluminum windows are very durable but offer little insulating value because they conduct energy rapidly. Vinyl windows are your best choice because they offer thermal characteristics similar to wood, are extremely durable and provide a finish that is virtually maintenance–free."

Frolov goes on to extol the virtues of vinyl window frames, saying, "Vinyl frames have welded corners, which make it air tight and prevent elements such as water and dust from leaking into your home. Furthermore, vinyl offers the best protection against air and noise infiltration, which means a more comfortable and peaceful living environment. Vinyl material maintains its new look over time, eliminating fading and repainting."

He goes on to urge homeowners to find the lowest U-factor windows possible, saying, "The U-factor or U-value is the measure of a window's thermal efficiency, based on its resistance to the flow of energy. The lower the U-factor- the higher thermally efficient is the window. Most new window technology had been aimed at lowering U-factors through the use of three important innovations: INEX spacer, low emissivity glass coatings and argon gas."

Frolov also suggests windows Fort McMurray with low emissivity glass, commonly referred to, as Low E. Says Frolov,"These windows have glass that has been coated with a micro-thin metallic film to improve thermal performance. The coating reduces the transfer of heat rays through the glass while still allowing light to pass through. In essence, the coating reflects heat back toward its source. Thus, heat from the furnace stays inside the home during cold weather, resulting in greater comfort and lower energy costs.

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