Sunshine Renewable Energy Announces Free In-Home Heat Pump Assessment Offer

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Heat Pump assessment allows homeowners to learn which heat pump systems are best for their homes and get quotes for installation, reports Sunshine Renewable Energy

Sunshine Renewable Energy, a leading heat pump supplier in Halifax, today announced the offer of a free heat pump assessment for people in and around the city. This assessment will determine what type of heat pump will be best for the home and how powerful it needs to be to get the job done. The company also announced its financing programs and other benefits that make it easier to buy a heat pump from them instead of the competition. More information can be found in its newly-released Heat pump video on YouTube.

The company has simultaneously released another video, titled "how does a heat pump work," which gives a short rundown on the process these devices use to provide both heating and air conditioning with a single unit. It hopes that the video will help clear up what can seem like a mysterious process to those who are unfamiliar with the technology.

"For those who are just learning about heat pumps, it can seem amazing that both hot and cold air can come from the same machine," said Richard Ross of Sunshine Renewable Energy. "But in reality, the process is quite simple. Just like an air conditioner, a heat pump has coolant that is run through coils. During operation, this coolant collects heat and itself becomes hot. With an air conditioner, the hot side is always to the outdoors, while the cold side is in the house. A heat pump simply makes it so that this can be reversed."

Just how the temperature is transferred to the house varies a bit depending on whether a system is ducted or ductless. With a ducted system, an air handler picks up the heat or cold from the coils, while a ductless system uses a heat exchanger. Either way, the proper temperature comes into the house while the unwanted temperature goes outside. Heat pumps make it so that the hot side is in the house during the winter, while the cold side is inside during the summer.

Ductless heat pump systems have many benefits, according to Sunshine's site at One is cost savings. While it's impossible to predict exact savings due to variations in operation practices, home construction, and other factors, the company says that most customers save between 20 and 30 percent on fuel bills. This is because heat pumps don't have to burn fuel to provide their heat. Many heat pump users find that with a mini-split ductless system, they can also turn the thermostat down a few degrees for even greater savings.

"Some people find that the heat from these systems is like that of a blanket," said Ross. "This allows them to be comfortable at lower temperatures, so they take advantage of this to keep their energy usage down."

About Sunshine Renewable Energy

Sunshine Renewable Energy installs and services heat pumps from many different manufacturers and in a variety of configurations. They offer a free assessment to determine which system will be best for a particular house and will give free quotes for installation.

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