Sunny Deol asks Baghpat to vote for Dr Satyapal Singh

There were huge crowds at the Road Shows held by actor Sunny Deol on Thursday March 20, 2014 in support of BJP candidate from Baghpat Lok Sabha seat, Dr Satyapal Singh. People of all ages, especially youth, representing the spectrum of the society thronged the road shows which were held at the following places:

Baghpat, Tatiri, Dolha, Hisawda, Sarya, Kedwa, Titroda, Putthi, Gurana, Baraut, Bauli, Kishenpur Barla, Sup, Mukundpur, Radhoda, Chaprauli, Nangla and Sinoli.

The actor's father Dharmendra and the Deol family have a long-standing and close relationship with Dr Satyapal Singh and BJP.

Sunny Deol urged the people to elect Dr Satyapal Singh as Baghpat's representative to the Lok Sabha and help Shri Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister. He said the voters, especially the youth, must use their vote like he (Sunny Deol) uses his “dhai kilo ka haat” to defeat the corrupt and the exploitative who have ignored Baghpat and taken the voters for granted.

The actor reminded the people about Dr Singh's stellar role as Mumbai Police Commissioner in enforcing law and order there. He said only Dr Singh, who had resigned from IPS to serve his hometown, could help the area get out of its present miserable condition and put it on the fast track of growth.

Dr Satyapal Singh thanked the actor for coming all the way from Mumbai to support Shri Modi, BJP and him.

Dr Singh said despite the current representative being a Union minister the Baghpat region had seen little growth in physical and social infrastructure as well as educational and employment opportunities.

“I promise that I will become the voice of the people in the Lok Sabha and put Baghpat on the fast track of growth,” he added.

Dr Singh said he will work tirelessly to create more employment opportunities for the youth of the region, especially by ensuring greater access to technical and medical education.

“Education empowers an individual. I intend to empower the people of my region by ensuring that everyone has access to education and understands its importance. Vested interests prosper because the uneducated people's world view is usually limited. I want to change this,” he said.

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