Sundance Solar Offer Unbeatable Solar Solutions With More Application Than IKEA

Among headlines that IKEA will stock solar panels, solar panel supplier Sundance Solar offer flexible panels, solar tents and more to provide customers with flexible energy.

Solar Panels for homes are now to be sold in Swedish household wares chain IKEA, according to recent headlines. This may mark a major shift in popular culture’s acceptance of solar energy, but it is far from a revolution for customers, who have ready access to solar panels for every eventuality thanks to an American innovator who have been shipping worldwide for years. Sundance Solar offer everything from flexible roll out panels to roof panels to panels for mobile battery charging to solar power tents, which generate electricity using their surfaces while ever they are erect.

Unlike the rigid roof-based solar panels IKEA are selling, Sundance Solar offer a PowerFilm solar charger that can be rolled out and used for charging the batteries on small devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while also providing flexible solar panels of much bigger size that users can put on their roofs or even gardens to harvest energy on sunny days.

The store has used its flexible solar technology to create solar tents, the roofs and walls of which are coated in the solar power storing membrane that can serve to power devices within the tent, which can be bought by private owners but is now increasingly employed during emergency situations where shelter and equipment are needed for survival and medical treatment.

A spokesperson for Sundance Solar explained, “Sundance Solar has been proud to be an Authorized Distributor for PowerFilm® solar energy products since 2000. These amazing solar tents, Made in the USA, have been used all over the world and are a perfect solution for power during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and refugee relief. They are rollable and foldable for easy portability and combined with a battery bank and other accessories can power medical equipment, laptops, lighting, water pumping and purification; the uses are potentially unlimited.”

About Sundance Solar:
Sundance Solar is an American company that ships solar energy solutions worldwide. Sundance Solar has been providing quality solar and renewable energy products at a fair price since 1999. They are constantly researching and developing many of their own products to sell direct to consumers. They feature a large selection of solar panels for home projects, educational kits for the classroom, do-it-yourself solar and small wind turbine kits, PowerFilm®, RV boat & cabin energy kits, solar chargers for all types of batteries, cell phones, small electronics, cool solar gifts & more.

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