Sugar Land Roofing Services Launches a Residential Roof Maintenance Program

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The residential roof maintenance program helps homeowners to preserve the lifespan of their roof and is one of a king, announces

Sugar Land Roofing Services announces the launch of a residential roof maintenance program, one designed to preserve the lifespan of a client's roof. This program continues to be the only one of its kind, as no other roofing provider offers planned preventative maintenance programs intended for residential systems. The goal of the program is to ensure the home's roof remains in optimal functional condition year-round and may be used for everything from flat roof maintenance and care to tile, slate and metal roofs.

"A Sugar Land Roofing Contractor visits the home to conduct an assessment of the roof in six month intervals. This inspection maintenance checklist revolves around the age of the roof and helps to determine any issues. When a problem is detected, actions which need to be addressed are included in the report, along with any actions that were taken during the inspection," Jon Crawford, spokesperson for Sugar Land Roofing Services (, explains.

During the inspection, the contractor applies sealer to any exposed nail heads, as this is the leading cause of roof leaks. In addition, any wind-lifted shingles or high nails are removed and a hail and wind damage assessment is conducted. The Basic Maintenance Contract covers up to three missing shingles. In addition, the contractor inspects the storm collars on vent stacks, gutters for proper drainage and blockage, skylights and additional roof implements, chimney mortar and flashing and/or wood and hardie siding caulking. Finally, the contractor addresses any loose or warped decking issues.

"This inspection ensures problems are detected early, as this helps to prevent problems with one's roof. Homeowners find this comprehensive, systematic inspection provides them with peace of mind, as they know the condition of their roof and what problems may need to be addressed in the future. Every homeowner benefits when this maintenance plan is selected," Crawford continues.

In addition, homeowners may choose an optional siding maintenance plan. The goal is to ensure the entire home is protected at all times, as prevention is always less costly than repairs. The siding maintenance plan covers everything from the lap board to the soffit and trim, as homeowners need to know all items are being examined regularly and repaired promptly.

"Contact Sugar Land Roofing Services today to learn more about these maintenance programs. The roof care contract may be transferred to a new owner also, in the event the property is sold. A person cannot be too careful when it comes to their home, and the Sugar Land Roofing Services maintenance plans provide peace of mind," Crawford declares.

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Sugar Land Roofing Services brings more than 25 years of experience to each job they complete, and they fully understand the wear and tear the local weather and climate causes to roofs and siding. The company provides innovative, long-lasting roofing services and solutions and offers a free, no-obligation estimate.

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