Success Aligned & EDU Digital Mag Launch Green Digital Mag Done For You Platform

Kate Saunders, certified digital mag publisher, combines her love for all things green and eco-friendly with marketing, consulting and app launch experience in a “Done For You” platform for EDUs and businesses.

Compelled by a vision to provide effective and green marketing options that allow EDUs and businesses to attract, engage, interact, and monetize their publications and content, Kate Saunders, CEO and Founder of Success Aligned decided to launch, and a “done for you” digital magazine publishing solution.

After years of watching college alumni magazines go from a magazine rack to the recycle bin, and their daughter’s college alumni magazine arrive at their house unread, Kate knew the minute she decided to pursue digital publishing that she wanted to bring a “done for you” digital solution to colleges and universities.

Her love for all things green made it painful to watch the numbers of magazines lining the landfills increase year after year, as well as resources and funds wasted as magazines were returned to colleges as undeliverable.

EDU Digital Mag is on a mission to provide both a platform and consulting to colleges and universities ready to take their print publications digital. Digital publishing allows higher education to be green, reduce waste, reach students, faculty, and alumni more effectively, lower costs, all while generating revenue.

"I'm determined to fulfill this vision with integrity and in a way that serves my clients to the highest degree possible,” said Kate. "As the founder and CEO of Success Aligned LLC, I've been helping businesses increase visibility, ROI, and reach for more than nine years. Today it is more important than ever for colleges and universities to lead the way toward a more effective, green, and progressive publishing model."

In the report, “10 Compelling Reasons” (available free on the website), Kate outlines the benefits colleges and universities can realize when they shift from print to digital, detailing ways they can increase ROI while decreasing costs and waste.

At the Magazine Publishers Association conference in 2013, Eric Schmidt, the Chairman of Google took the stage with the Wired editor-in-chief, Scott Dadich, to talk about the future - and how magazines fit into it. Schmidt admitted he is confident that magazines’ future is not in print, but on tablets.

Digital Magazine Publishing Meets EDU and Business Needs and Solves:

- Increased compliance with environmental obligations and goals.
- Expands market to a global scale and escalating growth market.
- Provides effective additional marketing channels.
- Utilizes modern and interactive content distribution formats.
- Reaches customers where they want to be reached – mobile.

The goal of EDU Digital Mag is to see every school, college, and university shift as much of their print publishing to digital, as possible. Not only does digital publishing significantly reduce waste, and lessen cost, it can help EDUs and businesses attract, engage, and interact with their readers, while better monetizing their publications and content.”

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