Subpod is an Underground Composting System Turning Food Waste into a Powerful Fertilizer

Live on Kickstarter, Subpod has zero smell, zero mess and is easy to use.

Subpod, the revolutionary new below-ground composting system that converts food waste into rich food for soil, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and a breakout success story having already surpassed their initial raise goal in under a week.

Food waste is one of the big hidden drivers of climate change. When food breaks down in landfill it generates methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more powerful than CO2. Composting can be a great solution, but it can be messy, hard work and not enough of us are doing it. Subpod is designed to make composting easy, a single unit will compost up to 33lbs of food waste per week. Over one year of use that equates the emissions savings of taking a car off the road for six months.

Subpod is inspired by the need to rethink waste and our relationship. Food waste is a growing global problem, and composting is such a simple and effective solution if it is done right,” says founder and CEO Saadi Allan on the inspiration behind the project. “Simple solutions can create big changes and when you use a Subpod that direct link between food waste and the plants thriving in your garden is a good reminder of the importance of treating waste as a resource, and our soils as the most precious resource of all. As we like to say, feed the soil, feed the world.”

The Subpod’s unique design allows worms to roam freely in and out of the system, to feast and then leave. As they move through the garden bed, they aerate the soil, and excrete in it, both of which repair the soil and feed the plants. Composting underground keeps the temperature stable, creating an ideal environment for beneficial microorganisms. This natural insulation also keeps away smells and pests. It also changes the aesthetics of composting, instead of a compost pile or big plastic bin at the back of the yard Subpod blends seamlessly into the garden environment, and can even be used as garden seating.

The Subpod Grow composting garden bed is the perfect 'compost + grow' solution for a family of 2-4. The company has spent over 8 years in research, testing and development so each piece of the product has been thoughtfully designed from the easy setup to the helpful divider. In addition, for every 10 Subpods pre-ordered through the Kickstarter campaign, 1 Subpod will be donated to a school or community group, helping to teach lifelong skills about gardening and waste management.

“Subpod takes the hard work out of composting. Its unique in-garden design uses worms and microbes to process food waste with zero smells and zero mess,” adds Allan. “The system is modular and can scale from the single-family to commercial and community applications.  We’ve made it easy for families to get started with Subpod Grow, an all in one composting and garden solution.”

Subpod is live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Subpod

Compost Central, the home of Subpod exists to design and develop products that make composting and growing a part of everyday life. Our team have decades of experience in ecological design, biology, communication and marketing. We believe that waste is a resource and that we can all play a part in diverting it from landfill and turning it into living soil, the way nature intended.

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