Suboxone Online for Opioid Addiction Treatment Provider Recovery Delivered Achieves LegitScript Certification

Recovery Delivered, a trusted online opioid addiction treatment service, has acquired LegitScript Certification. LegitScript is a leading third-party certification expert. It has recognized Recovery Delivered as a dependable addiction treatment provider.

According to announcements released by Recovery Delivered, this opioid addiction treatment center legally provides suboxone online to patients that wish to treat addictions safely.

Recovery Delivered has achieved LegitScript Certification, a widely recognized approval for addiction treatment providers accepted by regulatory bodies, credit cards, search engines, and global e-commerce platforms. The certification enables drug and alcohol treatment providers to reach out to their audience via Facebook, Google, and Bing. Acquisition of this certification by Recovery Delivered signals its fundamentally sound and successful business model and its focus on ethically treating patients that place their trust in it. It reflects the seriousness of Recovery Delivered in offering safe and authentic products to its clients to meet the highest standards that govern its industry.

Those who wish to benefit from medication-assisted treatment online and want to learn how to get suboxone online can check out the Recovery Delivered website. Its at-home medical detox from opioids uses Suboxone to treat heroin and opioid addictions.

Suboxone is a mix of buprenorphine and naloxone. Both these medications have a proven track record in combating opioid addiction. Together, they work in synergy to control cravings and stop the brain’s receptors from producing the high. Recovery Delivered prescribes Suboxone and delivers it directly to the patient.

Detox is a crucial early step in recovering from opioid addiction. Suboxone facilitates a smoother detox because it mitigates the withdrawal symptoms. Patients who opt for treatment via Recovery Delivered appreciate the privacy, insurance cover, and convenience that accompany this process.

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Recovery Delivered said, “Recovery Delivered requires all of our clients to meet face to face with a physician before receiving the at-home detox kit. This is done for the safety of all our clients. At this appointment, which we will set up on your behalf at a local provider or urgent care, your vitals will be taken while your prescribing doctor is watching via our app. This is done to ensure your prescriber understands where you are and that you do not need a higher level of care before joining our online medication-assisted treatment platform.

Included in the at-home detox kit is instruction on what to take and when. We will be in communication with you daily during this period to ensure your safety. You will have an option to access our online chat support to help you through the more difficult times. Our list of experts in the treatment of opioid addiction grows weekly. Below are two providers with experience in helping clients through at-home detox.”

Sharing further information, Recovery Delivered said, “With the unfortunate growth in the U.S. of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), many people are looking for a way to end their dependence through the use of a Suboxone treatment program. Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) provides a multi-pronged approach to treating opioid use disorder. Suboxone provides a partial opioid agonist (buprenorphine) as well as a full antagonist (naloxone). The buprenorphine provides relief to opioid users while the naloxone negates the effects of opioid use.”

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Recovery Delivered provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) through an online platform. Patients can avail effective, safe treatment from the comforts of their homes. The confidential process uses Suboxone to help addicts recover from opioid addiction and dependence. The clinic offers an online 12-step program and online group discussions to enable addicts to overcome withdrawal and lead drug-free lives.

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