Brings Pure Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil to the US

New distributor brings healthy culinary specialty to the American market for the first time.

Pumpkin seed oil has been prized for its unique culinary qualities in Austria for centuries. This delicious, faintly green colored oil is extremely healthy. Recently it has started to become common outside of Austria, mostly in top restaurants and in the homes of food enthusiasts. It can be used to accent a variety of dishes from salads and soups to ice creams and other desserts.

One pumpkin seed oil related website that is getting a lot of attention recently is, a new site which is distributing pure pumpkin seed oil in the US for the first time. They have quickly gained a huge reputation for the purity and excellence of their product.

The site has a huge amount of information about the product. Many curious gourmets may be wondering which recipes the oil works best in. The site has an extensive recipe suggestion section, which contains not only recipes but also information on which foods compliment the oil well. This gives visitors the ammunition to experiment with the oil themselves.

There is also a page dedicated to the many health benefits of the oil. Pumpkin seed oil is perhaps the healthiest vegetable oil in the world, and these benefits are comprehensively outlined on the site.

A spokesperson for the site said: “We are from Styria, Austria originally, and pumpkin seed oil is a big part of the cuisine in the area. It always puzzled us why Styrian pumpkin seed oil wasn’t more widely used in cooking outside Austria. After all, it is both delicious and extremely healthy. We felt that sophisticated consumers in the US would definitely enjoy pumpkin seed oil, and so far we’ve been proven right. Some of our best customers are the finest restaurants in the US, and they have been using pumpkin seed oil to great effect in their food. We also distribute the oil to many gourmet food stores around the US. In Southern Austria, pumpkin seed oil is just as common as olive oil is in Italy. We believe it imparts a superior taste, as well as manifold health benefits. Many of our customers agree.”

About is the home page of the exclusive US distributor of Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil, a regional Austrian culinary specialty.

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